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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There's a Tiger on the loose!

Manchester City throttled Liverpool 3-0 yesterday in English Premier League play.  If Fernando Torres doesn't get healthy and find his game real soon, they're in for a horrible season.  Oh, and key midfielder Javier Mascherano refused to play yesterday.

Roger Clemens rejected a plea deal that would have saw him get no jail time in exchange for pleading guilty.  Call me crazy, but I think he actually believes he didn't take the spike.

Now this is good stuff. The Bleacher Report has put together a list of the 100 hottest athletes of all time.  Hard to believe they missed anybody when they went that deep.

If the Philadelphia Phillies didn't already regret dealing Cliff Lee, I'm sure the fact that one of the prospects they had sent back - Tyson Gillies - getting popped for cocaine possession, has them regretting it.  As for Lee, ESPN's Colin Cowherd put it out there yesterday that Lee is a New York Yankee next year.  Thanks for getting on board, Cowherd, been saying it here for months.  Lock, or I'll retire this blog permanently.

Speaking of the Yankees, they started five players last night with less than two year's major league experience.  All three relievers out of the pen were homegrown, too.  So much for the fools who think they only buy players. It was almost still enough to beat the Toronto Blue JaysJose "The Question" Bautista hit his 40th home run and after staring down and spitting in the direction of David Robertson before circling the bases over the course of 30 seconds, can pencil himself in for a rib shot before too long.  Funny though that he made the jabbing motion of a needle when he got to the plate though.  Bautista took exception to an Ivan Nova pitch sailing high and well over the plate - near his head, in his estimation - to which both Jays commentators replied it was accidental.  Strange rage then, no?  What could cause that?

Is there a worse guy that gets tonnes of air time than SportsNet's Jason Portuondo?  The only name he gets right consistently is his own.

The Texas Rangers passed the torch around for an almost-no hitter last night against Minnesota.  Starter Rich Harden took it 6 2/3 before handing it off to the 'pen and they went into the 9th before Joe Mauer busted it up.  Also impressive?  Twins starter Kevin Slowey was working a no hitter through seven before being pulled.  See, this is what winning teams do - the right thing, not what they think will help them sell the odd ticket the next night like desperate teams do.

Tiger Woods is officially divorced.  Somewhere, Roger Clemens, LeBron James and the OHB are celebrating their push from the top headlines.  Okay, not OHB.  Here are seven pick-up lines to try on Elin Nordregen now that she's available again.  As for Tiger, how many whores do you figure he taps now?

Caroline Wozniaki won the Rogers Canadian Championship yesterday.  I only say this to introduce pictures of her in a bikini.

As if Dancing With The Stars didn't get big enough ratings, The Situation has joined on for the coming season.  How's that going to play with his GTL routine?

The picture today?  Sloan of Entourage fame (aka Emmanuelle Chriqui), if you didn't know.  What a season this year.


MTS said...

The thought of CC and Lee headlining a staff is absolutely frightening. I can't see anyone beating them in a playoff if that happens.

Joe said...

Would you call out Rodriguez if he made an alleged syringe-pumping action? Or if Bautista was on the Yankees?

TB said...

Ahh, Jays Fan, oh so serious all the time...all three of them!

I've seen some who act like the Jays would NEEEEEEEEEEEVER do such a thing despite the stories of Clemens, Zaun and Glaus all while in Toronto. Just having fun with it given yesterday's discussion, Joe. Are you just bent about Slowey's performance after you ditched him yesterday PM in the pool? :)

But to answer your question, I do a far better job cracking on my team than the rest of you do, so sure, why not? And you forgot Pettitte. Why must I always help like this?

Oh, and if Bautista keeps this up for a year or two, I'll be (1) shocked and (2) planning on seeing him in pinstripes. The last part is what you all wanted to see, right?

TB said...

MTS, I wouldn't say they'll be unbeatable by any means - anything can happen, after all - but that's a hell of a start to a rotation. Mix in Phil Hughes as a mere #3 and things are looking real nice for 2011.

Joe said...

I know, I know. You do rip Jeter pretty good. Personally I thought the pitch just got away from him and wasn't intentional. Either way, the next couple games should be interesting.

TB said...

I don't think there is any way that a rookie making his first start goes head hunting (not that it was even that close) with his team in a tight game and a tight race.

You could see all he repeatedly said was "location" when Bautista walked out. Girardi would not have him do that either, though he needs to be questioned for sending Jeter up in the 9th with Cano on. Jeter's done squat all year in the 9th.

MTS said...

Anything CAN happen, but having two of the 5 best pitchers in baseball along with a crazy good lineup seems as close as it gets to unbeatable.

TB said...

I'd agree, that's a pretty healthy combination, especially if that pen can stay as strong as it has been of late and Hughes continues to develop. Hell, they'd be able to throw me out there as the fifth starter and win anyways.

BronxBomber said...

Check out where TFC is playing tonight, I think

TB said...

My bad for not mentioning that...10pm on GolTV. DeRo just tweeted that the place holds 2,000.