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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quickly here...

Quick one today as work made me, well, work. 

Nice to see Pete Rose weighing in on Roger Clemens, saying that he would be best served to come clean.  I'm sure the Rocket is thrilled to hear Rose coming off as the honest one in that pair.   Both should be in the Hall of Fame, in my book.  It is about baseball fame, not about the Hall of Nice Guys.  That, and if they let Ty Cobb in, they've lost the ability to play on guys morality.

Average attendance in Europe's four biggest soccer leagues for 2009/10:
Germany: 42,441
England: 31,150
Spain: 27,699
Italy: 24,603

Total payroll by league for 2008/9:
England: 1.90B
Italy: 1.34B
Spain: 1.15B
Germany: .98B

Revenues for 2008/9:
England: 3.35B
Spain: 2.27B
Italy: 2.16B
Germany: 2.15B

Top Paid player:
Spain: Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid, $17.1m
Italy: Samuel Eto'o, Inter Milan, $13.8m
England: Emmanuel Adebayor, Manchester City, $11.2m
Germany: Arjen Robben, Bayern Munich, $7.2m (31st highest paid in the worldy)
From: ESPN The Magazine, Aug 23 2010.  Yes, I typed that all out, just for you.  Cannot believe that Adebayor is the highest paid player in the EPL, especially a guy who is three or four down the depth chart at the moment.

Speaking of soccer, UEFA President Michel Platini says that video replay is not neededPlatini, you're an idiot.

Check out this soccer commentator get brained.  Amazing.

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