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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The fix is in, TFC on wrong side

Not sure if Jose Bautista has ever used PED's, but in light of all the conversation this week, hard not to laugh at this screen capture from a couple nights's ago.  If you haven't figured it out, look at the advertising behind him.  Last night's, his Blue Jays were on the wrong end of an 11-5 curbstomping at the hands of the New York Yankees.

It all seemed set perfectly.  A reputed so-so team, albeit on the road, hosting Toronto FC in Champions League play.  To make it better, the hosts goalie was named Jose Calderon.  Surely the Reds would score at will, no?  Nope.  In a game that was officiated so badly WWE officials would be red faced, TFC were 1-0 losers.  I have read Declan Hill's book called "The Fix" and quite honestly, after what I saw last night, he might be ready to add a chapter.  Nobody can be that inept, can they?

Tweets Bill Simmons, aka "The Sports Guy" on Chris Bosh not playing for the U.S. national team this summer:"I'm OK w/ Chris Bosh skipping out on Team USA, he didn't need any more big game reps. The 2003 NIT, 1 Olympics + 11 playoff games is enough."  Awesome.

Philadelphia Phillies starter Cole Hamels went 102 batters and 372 pitches between runs scored in support of him by his Phillies.  Ouch. 

A great career retrospective on Roger Clemens, from the fine folks at The Sports Pickle.

With UFC legend Randy Couture set to face former heavyweight boxing champion James Toney this weekend at UFC 118, here's a peak at the top 10 freak fights of all the times.  Toney, if you've yet to see, is taking smack talking to some impressive levels ahead of this one.  Seems positively annoyed that few are giving him a big chance in this one.  If he gets off a punch, sure.  If Couture gets in tight and gets him down, he's cooked.

Detroit Tiger Johnny Damon was placed on waivers a couple days ago and claimed by his former team, the Boston Red Sox, a team and city that as recently as last week he disparaged in an interview on The Michael Kay Show.  So with a chance to join a playoff contender, what did Damon do?  Weigh his options, and value his legacy as a Yankee far greater, says Lee Jenkins at, as he declined a move to Boston.  Well played, JD

The San Francisco Giants are .000944881889764 games out of the NL Wild Card position with 35 to go.  No, seriously.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have five of the world's seven highest paid soccer players. 

Bonus picture.  Check out a member of the U.S. Army Rangers - their elite crew - parachuting into the Texas Rangers game last night. Those pesky flag poles!


Joe said...

The first slide on that Roger Clemens thing almost made me fall off my chair.

gbvh said...

Atop the horrible reffing (and decision making by their coach, ahem) in the Toronto FC game, apparently Columbus had a goal disallowed for curious reasons.

See here:
>>Columbus appeared to have improbably taken the lead in the 22nd minute when Andy Iro headed the ball into the net from a service by Emilio Renteria. After consulting with the fourth official on the sidelines, however, the Panamanian referee called the goal off, cautioned Emilio Renteria, and awarded Santos a free kick in their penalty area. No official word was immediately available after the match, although the match broadcast system run by CONCACAF announced that Renteria's yellow card was given for re-entering the field of play without a number on his jersey.

... Then there was that Anderlecht game. Not only did Anderlecht score an onside goal to go up 3-2 (it was disallowed for offside) they missed three of their PKs. All three sailed way over the crossbar. Almost comically. Hmmmmmmm.