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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TFC stun Mexican'ts

Toronto FC stunned themselves and their fans with an incredible performance in downing MexicanCruz Azul 2-1 powerhouse in the opening game of Champions League group play.  Martin Saric and Mista scored a pair of first half goals for a dominant TFC squad that could easily have led by two or three more.  That night at BMO Field made up for a lot of painful days and nights over the previous few years.

I'm sure that the people of Cleveland are thrilled to hear the news that LeBron James is open to one day returning to play for the Cavaliers. Going to go out on a very thick limb here and suggest that bridge is torched and they don't feel the same. What a tool.  James also told GQ that he didn't find Charles Barkley's attempts to be humourous when talking about LeBron to be very funny.  He's the only one who figures Chuck was joking.  LeBron also said his performances on and off the court even spoiled his own family.  Class act.

You're the Boston Red Sox, sitting third in the AL East. The LA Dodgers are likely to put former BoSox left fielder Manny Ramirez on waivers. Do you block the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees by putting in a claim, or let them have a stab at him?  Pretty wild scenario potentially, not to mention how ManRam might react to going back to a place he fought so hard to leave.  Defensively, however, ManRam remains in the AL East in the form of Toronto Blue Jay Travis Snider.  Nice butcher job last night. 

Werder Bremen and German midfielder Mesut Ozil is off to join Real Madrid.  Looks like new coach Jose Mourinho clearly wants to top Barcelona this year. Not sure how great a move it is for Ozil in a very crowded Real midfield with Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Xabi Alonso, Rafael Van der Vaert, Sami Khedira and more.  Only so many minutes and touches to go around.

My new nickname for fading Captain Derek Jeter: "Captain Crutch". It works on so many levels, tying in his gimpiness, his lack of range, and his lack of clutch performance. It does not include saying the Yankees can lean on him anymore.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of MLB umpires when a recent study by ESPN showed that 20% of calls made are wrong. No word on how heavy Joe West weighed in on those figures.

Didn't we say something about the OHB returning in time for the third pre-season game?  Guess what?  He's back.


gbvh said...

You're blue!
You're white!
Your team is fucking shite!

Hopefully they can pull off the same effort in Mex.
It's like Cruz didn't even get off the plane.

gbvh said...

Word of the day: Bellicose.

From the Star:
Saric was his usual bellicose presence on the left side of the midfield until being subbed off for Jacob Peterson on 64 minutes, equal parts marksman and yellow squad car.