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Thursday, August 19, 2010

OHB is back, the world yawns

OHB says this will definitely be his last year.  If he means on the planet, we accept. Looking forward to seeing the New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys and others send the sink at him.   The OHB says he "owed it to" the Minnesota Vikings to return.  Clearly, much has changed in the past week or two when the subject of owing the Vikes anything wasn't even uttered.  That, or he has changed his name to "Minnesota Vikings" and we're just finding out.

The Boston Red Sox are a perfect 9-0 against the LA Angels this year.  Struggling in Boston this year?  Scalpers, who say they're down 70% or more on Sox ducats.

Tony Dungy is by all accounts a decent guy, and football man.  But him suggesting that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell look into the language used by New York Jets coach Rex Ryan on NFL's Hard Knocks is laughable.  Dungy is the exception to the sporting language that applies universally - one of f-bombs as a starting point.  Interesting though that he took up for dog killer and herpes dispenser Michael Vick but wants to crack a guy for colourful language on HBO.

There are some handy blogs out there, but none I've seen in the game of soccer, from a Canadian perspective, than this one, that offers a daily update as to games being broadcast in Canadaland.

French and Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka was suspended for 18 games by the French Football Federation for the shenanigans in South Africa.  His response was to laugh, noting that he had no intention of playing for France again.  Typical French, one quitting, the other going to a war it knows it cannot lose.  Well, guess that part is rare.

A great collection of athletes getting hit in the face with balls.  Not that kind, Bukkake.

Those crazy Icelandic footballers are at it again.  A pair of videos here.  Not sure what wins for best celebration, but the baby one sure is creative.


gbvh said...

Coworker went to Boston recently and scored tickets at the box office for a game the next day.
Who'd have thought!?

gbvh said...

That soccer/tv site is incred.
Could do without the logo overkill, but once you swim through it -- great info.