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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

K-Rod Drama Karma

Who says there is no karma?  New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriquez might be out of a job.  Seems the Mets are looking to void his contract for tearing ligaments in his hand last week while laying a beating on his father-in-law, an injury that ends his 2010 season.  Gonna make Christmas extra special in K-Rod's house I'm sure if he's jobless with $17 million down the drain, the remaining number on his contract.

In baseball, ESPN's Jayson Stark has come up with a stat called the CUS - "Criminally Unsupported Start" (ESPN Insider only).  That's when a pitcher goes 6+ innings but his team scores one run or less while he is in the game.  So real quality starts, real poor support.  If Felix Hernandez, currently 8-10, had won all his Criminally Unsupported Starts he'd be 19-3. Cliff Lee would be 17-1, Cole Hamels 15-4 and Johan Santana 18-3.  Some other interesting stats on Josh Johnson, who might well be the best in the game: he has 5 Criminally Unsupported Starts, and his Florida Marlins have scored more than four only once while he was in a game since May.  Crazier stat?  His bullpen has blown six games in which he handed the ball over with a lead.

Do Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs ever age?  Both were fantastic yesterday in Manchester United's 3-0 demolition of Newcastle United.  Could easily have been double that or more.  Gotta give some praise to the Magpies Joey Barton for his ridiculous mustache, something he's keeping until Newcastle wins.

If you wondered why the Buffalo Bills, with Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch in the backfield, not to mention multiple (yes, MULTIPLE) other needs drafted CJ Spiller at running back, wonder no more: he's now the starter with the other two banged up.

Another night in which Derek Jeter could come up big for the New York Yankees in the ninth, and he came up oh so very small by hitting into another GIDJ...err...GIDP.  Captain Clutch is a fading myth.

Man owns pit bull.  Man has sex with said pit bull.  Man arrested.  Man will not be anybody's bitch in prison, methinks.

For a guy who some perceive to be having a terrible year, New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez' projected 30 home runs and a league leading 138 RBI sure don't seem too bad.

In a season of cameos, Chris Bosh on Entourage has to be the low point.  Could he have seemed more wooden in offering $1,000 for a bottle of vodka at a tequila party?  That's CB4, always just a little out of position.  Speaking of tequila, here's video of what happens when one tries to chug an entire bottle of Patron.  Step up there fella, get to the Cabo Wabo already.

How is it $2.50-$3.00 to fill an 18L bottle of water, but a litre of Evian costs $1.29?

It is well established that I think any football pre-season is a waste of time, but when I hear that New York Giant Eli Manning got busted up against the New York Jets last night, a video huntin' I go.  Question: if you're the Giants team doctor, how are you going to know if he's not displaying symptoms of a deeper head injury?  Dude sounds like he's concussed at the best of times.

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