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Friday, June 3, 2011

When facing a decent opponent, it is always best to never give them a personal reason to fight harder when you're already winning handily.  Guess Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade never figured that one out.  He scored a three pointer with 7:14 left to put Miami up 88-73 in game two, and it looked like the Heat were going to coast to victory.  Except he went and posed in front if the Mavs bench.  Bad move.  Immediately after, the fired up Mavs went on a 20-2 run and ended up winning the game 95-93. Game three goes in Dallas on Sunday. 

Since the NBA Finals went to 2-3-2 format in 1985, a series has been tied 1-1 a total of 11 times. The winner of Game 3 has won all 11 Finals. Pivotal film, anyone?

Some NFL coaches are going through mock practices with the league locked out, some are looking like they're singers in a legendary rock band.  See Pete Carroll, lead singer of one of my fav acts ever, Guided By Voices?  Thanks to GBVH for the linkage.

The Buffalo Bills will be launching their new uniforms on June 24th during a four hour - that's FOUR hour - unveiling that will obviously not be including any current players.

LA Angel of Anaheim Vernon Wells has made $2,981,481.48 since he was placed on the DL. Only 8 current Toronto Blue Jays players make that much for the entire year.

It isn't Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva, but it might end up being even better.  GSP is slated to fight Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz - UFC owns Strikeforce now, of course - on October 29th at UFC 137 at Mandalay Bay in Las VegasDiaz is a beast, and won't stand by eating punches like GSP's last two opponents did.  In other UFC news, they've got a free card on SportsNet tomorrow night at 9pm for the Ultimate Finale with Ramsey Nejim fighting Tony Ferguson for a contract in a too-tough-to-call fight, though I hope the former whips him.  There's also Anthony "Showtime" Pettis fighting against the always electric Clay Guida in another fight aired.  You may remember Pettis from this highlite at the 9 second mark.

Not sure why one would look to get an autograph from Lionel Messi, and then try to punch the man.  Word is The Father prevented said attempt from even landing on The Son.

Tweets the always hilarious @PaulyPeligroso: Hitler is a huge cock-block for dudes named Adolf.

Sidney Crosby has only now been cleared for off-ice workouts after his setback in early April.  You get the feeling his condition is a whole lot worse than we've been told it is?  What a shame it would be to see his career cut short - safe to say he's already lost some years off it - to concussions.  That would make two guys who were top of the game - along with Eric Lindros - lost to concussions essentially.

The Winnipeg NHL franchise is selling season ticket packages in their "Drive to 13" (thousand) is under way for existing corporate and season holders of the Manitoba Moose, and they're over 4,100 tickets sold already with the general on-sale tomorrow at noon.  I'm going to guess they do the 13,000 somewhere 12:30pm Winnipeg time.  Follow along here.

That's it for today, back Monday.  Have a great weekend.

Foo Fighters "Walk" vid, inspired by the great movie "Falling Down"


DeKev said...

I'd also suggest anyone named 'Adolf's' parents are huge cockblockers too.

DeKev said...

Great article by Maclean's on the seriousness of concsussions in hockey here:

gbvh said...

>Pivotal film, anyone?



DeKev said...

Just watched "Walk". That is pure genius.