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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The NBA Final gets under way tonight in Miami with Dallas visiting.  Not sure who I like in the series, but know I love the Mavs at +4.5 tonight.  They've had a ridiculous record against the spread the entire playoffs, especially on the road.

Manchester United long-timer Paul Scholes has retired, and the accolades don't get better than Zinedine Zidane calling him the best midfielder of his generation.  Who replaces him at United?  If the stories are true, could be Wesley Sneijder or Luka Modric, among other possibilities.  Either would be considerable improvements.

Smooth as sandpaper that Buck Martinez.  In talking about Breast Cancer Awareness during last night's Blue Jay beatdown of the Cleveland Indians, he seemed to omit the middle word.  Add that to other recent transgressions including butchering the pronunciation of some guy named Jose Bautista's last name.

Had a good laugh last week over the ever-bitter Scottie Pippen suggesting that LeBron James might be better than Michael Jordan.  Said the BlackSuperhero on Twitter: Damn, I guess Jordan, Kobe and Sonic are the only ones that care about rings these days.

What is a spot in the English Premier League worth to a team in the division below?  About $150 million Canadian, and Welsh side Swansea City are the winners after downing Reading yesterday in a wild 4-2 game that sees Swansea promoted to the EPL.

Pop Up Video is back in the fall?  Hell yes!

Still playing a bit of catch-up after the two weeks down, so forgive some of the more dated subjects.  Ray Lewis says that crime will increase if there is no NFL season. Is that a threat, Ray?  I'd be staying out of any place Ray is, especially if there is a limo nearby.  Watch from a minute in.

When bearing down on an empty net in soccer, it is important to remember that balls bounce, particularly on shoddy fields.  This is an awesome, awesome miss from close range.


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Epic blast on Ray-Ray, especially the limo part.