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Monday, June 20, 2011


For the 17-year old Vancouverite that was photographed lighting a lit rag leading into the gas tank of a police cruiser, coming forward and apologizing takes some stones, no doubt.  It will cost very likely cost Nathan Kotylak a shot at the Olympics with Canada's water polo squad - yes, turns out we have one - but honest applause to the kid for coming correct.  Don't hear the chorus of ostriches taking back their "rioters weren't Canucks fans or from Vancouver" line yet, which might be worse than the riot itself as far as ignorance goes.

Buffalo Bills fans should be nervous about losing their team to L.A.

The Florida Marlins are now 1-18 for the month of June. Ouch!

The NBA Draft goes this Thursday night and the hand wringing in Toronto is already well in progress. I'm no fan of the "anti-Euro" view some have, but after taking Andrea Bargnani as #1 and seeing his less than rounded game, and giving the keys to that stiff Jose Caleron, I can see why some might be nervous at the prospect of another player from across the pond.

In series where the Philadelphia Phillies have visited an AL West team, they're now a perfectly terrible 0-6 in series wins. Why do I always find out these stats after?

Interleague play is going the way it typically has gone for a years.  The AL is up 50-34.

If you thought the Toronto Blue Jays playing "home" games at Philadelphia last year for the G20 meetings in Toronto was lame, how about the Florida Marlins, who later this week will "host" the Seattle Mariners in Seattle because of - wait for it - a U2 show.  But, judging by the picture at the right, it doesn't appear too many will even notice, other than the stench of "past it" emanating from Sun Life Stadium.

Speaking of the Toronto Blue Jays, the perfect storm is going to hit a home game.  No, not an opener, or the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox visiting: it appears likely Roy Halladay will pitch when the Philadelphia Phillies visit Toronto next weekend.  Likely Canada Day.  Somebody alert Jays staff at the Rogers Centre, they don't have a lot of practice with big crowds.

For all the talk of how great the Toronto Blue Jays pitching staff is or will be, it is worth noting that only three teams in all of baseball have given up more runs this year.  

NHL salary cap has increased by 64 per cent since end of lockout. Started at $39 million cap. Floor is now $48 mil. Business is that good?

If NFL pre-season football is a joke, what does that make the CFL's version?

Here's a top 10 of the most racist or xenophobic moments in WWE history.  Some of these are beauts.

Does it feel like Summer or what?


gbvh said...

OMG what was Venus Williams wearing today?

I may never watch Wimbledon again . . .

gbvh said...

Had never seen the Shelton Benjamin one before. Unreal.

ts said...

Unreal list.
Possible omission piper on snuka