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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Toronto: Where Coaches Go To Get Fired

The NHL salary cap for next season is expected to rise by $5 million. Am I the only one that thinks the next time there is a labour war, the players are in for a far uglier time than they even saw last time?  There's no way that league should have a high end of the cap north of $60 million when a dozen or so teams are for sale and or bleeding badly.  And yes, I know it is revenue based, but that's heavily inflated by the financial performance of Canada's teams especially, and added to by a favorable currency exchange rate the last few years.

Damien Cox notes that Toronto's five pro-sports teams have burned through 20 coaches in five years. More than a few would argue Leafs coach Ron Wilson should have made it 21.

The rumoured NFL labour deal will not mandate an 18-game schedule, but will include Thursday night games each week. Me likes that muchly.  There is some talk that the league will be back in business July 15th.

The New York Post says that Donald Trump is paid $65 million for Celebrity Apprentice, a show where celebs compete to raise money for charity. Perhaps Donald ought to lead the way at that pay rate?  And no wonder The Donald has declined a Presidential run, he makes 162 times more than the President just for doing that show. Incredible.

Our boy DeKev will be taking in the NHL Awards tomorrow night at Palms Casino in Vegas.  Hilarious story today about rookie of the year fav Jeff Skinner, who technically isn't even old enough at 19 to walk into the casino. Remember DeKev, ALWAYS split 8's.

With Derek Jeter slated to come off the DL next week, and only needing 6 hits to reach 3,000, Yankees brass has to be sweating a July 1st-3rd visit to Citi Field. Can't imagine they want to see the Mets cash in on that one.  Speaking of Jeter, just noticed there's a slo-pitch team at the place me and the fellas play called "Jeter's Never Prosper".  

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Loved A-Rod's "Mr. Perfect" impression last week...

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gary said...

when i read the headline, i was expecting to see Aron Winter got sacked.

i was soon relieved to see it wasn't. after all, what would we do without Total Football?

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