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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bottle Service is not cheap

The Boston Bruins had a good time celebrating their Stanley Cup win on Saturday night after their parade.  A bunch of them rang up a $156,000 tab at Foxwoods Casino.  Am sure Gary Bettman et al are thrilled the players partied at at casino.   Of course, that's not nearly as impressive as the tab LeBron James and his crew rank up at the Wynn in Vegas.  Check out some of the prices there.  Incredible, and having been there last November, I can verify that's no mock up.

Some days, articles I read elsewhere are so freakishly similar to things written here previously.  Take this one that appeared in the Toronto Sun on Sunday, that noted how UFC fans didn't go and smash up Vancouver after the card two weekends back the way hockey fans did.

TSN is airing an NHL mock draft featuring all of two - 2! - pretend GM's tonight. That's all I've got on that.

Why do Boston Red Sox games take 4 hours? David Ortiz had a 14-pitch, 7 minute AB last night.  That's a lot of gloves-adjusting, spit-in-the-palms and hand-clapping between pitches.

Jaromir Jagr wants to come back to the NHL, and to suit up for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Does he have anything left?

The Florida Marlins new park will see them charging some very hefty ticket prices.  Guess they haven't paid attention to the dozens they draw game in and out, albeit in a non-baseball stadium in a brutal part of town?

In terms of fan interest, interleague baseball looks a hit.  This past weekend saw the largest collective attendance for a weekend since 2008. Helped that Florida and Toronto were on the road.

Toronto Maple Leafs top boss Brian Burke ordered Ron Wilson to change what he viewed as a "stale" coaching staff.  And why not?  Sure the Leafs had a great run the final few months of this past year, but they've had special teams issues for years so why not change now?  And hey, if you can bring in two guys that worked for the New York Islanders, why wouldn't you?  Oh, nevermind.

Terry Jones from the Edmonton Sun weighs in on why the Vancouver Canucks were not "Canada's Team" like some said and thought they were as the lone Canadian team in the playoffs beyond the first round.  This makes me laugh every time I read it: Roberto Luongo is signed through to 2022.

If you're on Twitter, be sure to follow @buckblunders.  Incredible how many mistakes Suck Martinez makes nightly.  A solid one from last night: he said Atlanta Brave Dan Uggla was continuing to have "re-production" issues.  Yeah, that or run production issues.

Check out the most blinged-out championship rings.

DeKev passes on this great bit from Jimmy Kimmel.

Also from DeKev, check out Kevin Durant getting loose in a local run this past weekend.  Wow.

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DeKev said...

Kevin Durant reminds me of that ultimate player you'd make on a NBA video game. Tall, can shoot the outside ball, agile, great shot inside, amazing D, high stamina, etc. Where you'd take every 'bar' and run it up to 100 to make the best most invincible player ever.