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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We're back!

After a couple weeks down after the birth of my awesome little boy - the second - we're back in business.  Man a lot happens in the course of a couple weeks! 

After Monday night's gag job, up 15 late in the fourth quarter and letting the Dallas Mavericks steal it, it is going to be real tough for the Oklahoma City Thunder to shake the name  "Chokelahoma City Blunder" loose.  Looking increasingly like the hopes of the world will be pinned on the Mavs to not let the Miami Heat win the title, with the Heat holding a big 3-1 lead over the Chicago Bulls in the East.

It took overtime and five mostly tough, tight games, but the Vancouver Canucks are back in the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 1994 and carrying the misguided hopes of a nation, from all I'm reading. The Sharks went out 3-2 in overtime last night and the Canucks will await the winner of the Boston-Tampa Bay series, which sits at 3-2 for the Beantowners right now.

With the sad death of Randy "Macho Man" Savage last week, over 25% of the WWE "superstars" that appeared at Wrestlemania 7 - because we hate Roman numerals on events - have now died, 14 of 51.  That was 20 year's ago, if you're wondering.  Crazy.  Savage was, for my money, one of the five best to ever grace the ring.  My other favs in no particular order: Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock.  I was torn between Bret Hart, Edge and The Rock for the fifth, but gave The Rock the nod on stronger stick work.  Add your five in the comments if you will.

That was an awesome Jose Canseco impression Jose Bautista pulled.  Relax people, I'm not going there, I'm referring to his play in the outfield last night that let not-exactly-fleet-footed Jorge Posada stretch a bottom of the 9th single into a double, allowing the Yanks to complete a rally from down 4-1 into a 5-4 win over Toronto.  Not sure how the Yanks are in first in the AL East, they've been mostly awful for three plus weeks.

Toronto FC host Vancouver Whitecaps tonight to decide the Nutrilite Canadian Championship after last week's 1-1 draw in Hongcouver.  I won't get into what that means for tonight - if you already care, you already know.

Only thing I'll say on Posada's episode last week is this: when Alex Rodriguez was dropped from clean-up to eighth in the playoffs a few years back - a far bigger drop than moving from 7th to 9th like Posada was asked to - he didn't ask for a day off or remove himself from the lineup.  And some still call Posada a team guy?  Please.  Stuns me that nobody mentioned this.

The San Francisco Giants have 13 wins at home this year, and seven of those have come on walk-offs.

It is Champions League week, the last big game on any club soccer calendar for this season, with Manchester United, EPL champions, facing Barcelona, La Liga champions, in London, England this Saturday.  Can't wait.  Legend Pele thinks that United's rising star Chicharito has a chance to be as good as Lionel Messi That's...something.

Kristian Jack at The Score reviews the EPL season that's now in the books, looking at each team and what their top players were, and who reasonable transfer targets might be.

Question: do you think the NFL players would rather see a more stringent labor deal, or seeing WADA handle drug testing, like the NFL is saying it might move towards for handling testing?  I'm guessing most would prefer the former.

This one makes my blood boil.  The Cincinnati Reds are likely moving to a dynamic ticket pricing system, the same type thing you see used by airlines that sees prices fluctuating on demand.  If that is a trend setter, and I would bet it is if it works, I shudder to think what that will do to ticket prices whenever an on sale date is hit.

Ninja Turtle Soup, from the good folks at Epic Meal Time, featuring the most amazing shredder/grater I've ever laid my eyes upon.

Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake are back with another awesome SNL Digital Short, reminding you of The Golden Rule: it's not gay in a three-way.


Norway said...

That Pele article just show how much Argentinian players are hated and underrated north of their border. Hernandez is good, but Messi good? Hardly.

TB said...

That's not the only comparison to Messi you'll be hearing about. Have another slated for tomorrow.

norway said...

Can't wait!

And congrats TB, working on your own little league baseball team?

WADA moving in to NFL is interesting. WADA testing could lead to WADA punishments as well. 2, 4 or out for life? Doubt WADA would entertain the idea of testing the players, then see them get a 2 game suspension and a smack on the wrist.

Doubt it will happen though, but danm good leverage against NFLPA, who are damned it they do and damned if they don't accept WADA testing.

Looking forward to NHL doing the same thing. NHL players fills up most of the olympic hockey rosters but don't have to follow remotely the same drug testing programme as most other olympic athletes. Disgraceful that IOC called out FIFA for their lack of testing, but has stayed silent when it comes to NHL.

bukkake said...

My 5 all time faves (in no particular order other than #1) for no other reason than entertainment value. Remember, I have not watched more than 5 mins of wrestling in one sitting for over 10 years...

1 - Mick Foley
2 - Bret Hart
3 - Vader
4 - Ricky Steamboat
5 - Dynamite Kid

Growing up on Stampede Wrestling, i will always have a soft spot for all their wrestlers after Stampede folded. Owen Hart was always a fave and was the wrestler death that hit me the hardest (and where my interest really began to wane). Benoit, Pillman, Bad News,etc. etc. were always fun to watch... especially the ones that starred in ECW during it's heyday.

Sad about Savage, literally grew up watching him. His feud with Steamboat was legendary. Kinda lost me when later they dressed him up like a neon circus clown with more tassles than a rodeo... but his early WWF career was amazing.

Anonymous said...

very tough call.

In no order:

Superfly Snuka
Brett Hart