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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Mavs carry the hopes of sports fans everywhere

Check out the ink on Monta Ellis of the Golden State Warriors.  Wow.

Nice work by the knuckleheads at the Canadian Soccer Association - and what could we expect of them but stupidity? - in putting the safety of fans and players at risk by trying to force-fit the Canadian Championship at BMO Field last night in the middle of a torrential biblical downpour with lightning flashing last night. Guess they didn't notice the stands are, you know, metal.  The game was called with Vancouver leading 1-0, but wasn't an official game as it didn't reach the 75th minute, so will be replayed in full on July 2nd at BMO Field.

I made a crack on Twitter about it being hard for Buck Martinez to not trip over his words as it must be hard to speak with Jays dick in your mouth and I immediately get followed by somebody who has a site called "Buck Blunders".  Exactly how it sounds.  Remember when he was a great colour guy?  Was that real, or was that just Dan Shulman carrying him?

The Dallas Mavericks finished off the Oklahoma City Thunder - and you'll be hearing plenty from the Thunder the next few years - to take the West and await a date with most-likely Miami, where they'll carry the hopes of Heat Haters everywhere.

The Tampa Bay Lightning scored an impressive win over Boston last night to take their Eastern Conference championship to a 7th game tomorrow night.  Awesome run by Steve Yzerman's crew, and quite the turnaround no matter what they do tomorrow.  Martin St. Louis is a pint sized beast.

GBVH, brother of RM, son of Flicka, noted that in the Chicago-Miami game on Tuesday night, with four minutes left to play, the Vancouver-San Jose NHL game was intermission.  In the time it took to complete the four minutes of hoops and a five minute OT, the hockey game's third period had already begun and finished.  The forced drama of NBA timeouts is beyond ridiculous, and if I were to rank the worst things in sports, that would have to rank near the top of my list.

St. Louis Cardinal Albert Pujols has been top 3 in MVP voting in 8 of his first 10 seasons, with three wins, but only once has he been among even the National League's top-10 salaried players when he came in 9th in 2006.  He's not exactly having a contract year for the ages this year, is he?

Poor Andrea (that's pronounced: AN-dree-uh) BargnaniGM Brian Colangelo cracked him weeks back for his lack of effort on defence and in rebounding - shortcomings so obvious Stevie Wonder can see them -and Andrea's panties are in a bunch and he wouldn't mind moving to another team, preferably in a warmer climate.  Don't let the door hit you, plank.

Isn't it a bit odd that NHL players won't touch the Conference trophy but have zero problem putting on the Conference championship hats and t-shirts? Uh...ok.

Baseball is a cruel, vicious game.  Toronto Blue Jay starter Jo Jo Reyes is winless in 28 trips to the bump, but the Philadelphia Phillies second baseman Wilson Valdez picked up the "W" for the Phil's last night in a 19 inning win over the Cincinnati Reds.

It is worth noting that the San Francisco Giant fan beat into a coma by LA Dodgers fans on opening day won't have to worry about his kid's tuition for college: Barry Bonds will be taking care of it.  Good on you, BB.

Now former Chelsea manager - and how insane are they ditching that guy because they had the nerve to finish second in the EPL and bow out in the semis in the Champions League? - Carlo Ancelotti says he'd take Wayne Rooney over Lionel Messi I love Rooney, but that's another planet entirely as I'm not sure I've ever seen Messi have a bad game - quiet ones, sure - or do anything that hurt his team like virtually every other player - Rooney included - can and does.

Foo Fighters main man Dave Grohl does limericks at a show last week: There once was a hooker from Dallas, who used a dynamite stick as a phallus, they found her vagina in North Carolina, her asshole at Buckingham Palace.

Ivan Hrvatska is a big, big fan of the Vancouver Canucks, and has a remix of his 2008 classic saluting the team's playoff win.

Half-time at the Miami Heat-Chicago Bulls game.  Wonder what this cameraman was thinking of?


norway said...

Oh boy has Pujols been average this year, but rest of the Cards been stepping it up. Holliday and Berkman looking good, Rasmus decent, and the young guys, Jay and Descalso and Craig are surprisingly good. Helps that Lhose finally is putting in a shift worthy of his contract as well. During interleague play last weekend it it struck me how close Cards where to fielding a lineup with all batting over .300. Craig was at .298, Holliday out of the lineup, but besides that, only Pujols with roughly .260 was draging it down.

Can't complain about Pujols though, he still justify his contract even at this slump in his career. Besides, he'll come cheaper in the off season now.

For what it is worth, I could see Rooney being a better 'fit' in Premier League than Messi due to it being more physical. But better player? No chance.

Joe said...

The best Buck Blunder was when he called J.P. Arencibia "Abraham Cibia".

gbvh said...

There should be no timeouts (injury timeouts aside) in any sport ever. Ever. Total joke.