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Friday, April 29, 2011

A royal who gives a fuck

If there's one game you figured the Nashville Preds could steal in Vancouver, it had to be last night's series opener with the Canucks just coming off an overtime win in Game 7 two nights prior over Chicago.  But the Preds let the opportunity slide and were downed 1-nil.

Actually followed a bit of the NFL Draft last night with the Yankees pounding the White Sox last night.  The Minnesota Vikings pick of QB Christian Ponder was widely panned, the only one rated an "F" on last night.  But doesn't that make it an "A"?  After all, who knows bad picks - and pics - better than the Vikes after a couple years with Brett Favre at QB?  The one eye popper for me - in the right way - was seeing Nick Fairley land in Detroit.  They've got two beasts on the D-Line now in him and Ndamokong SuhDetroit is on their way, people.

Funniest draft note: cornerback Prince Amukamara, drafted by the New York Giants, has five siblings.  Their names: Princess, Promise, Peace, Precious, & Passionate.  No word on if they have a dog named "Pathetic".

The bigger news in the NFL is after a judges ruling in Minnesota, the NFL is quasi-back in business today, with players allowed to work out at team facilities.  I said way back there would be a full season and this has it looking more and more likely.

Count Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas among those that aren't fans of Montreal Canadien PK Subban, who he accused of diving to try to draw penalties in their Game 7 on Wednesday.  I talked to one hardcore hockey fan during the game - TS - and he pointed out it looked like the Habs were repeatedly putting themselves in vulnerable spots to try to draw penalties, turning into the boards when a hit was coming and such. As for Subban, count me a fan.  I'm a fan of guys with talent and personality, and far too often, sports are lacking in the latter.

If you thought the U.K. was a bit whacky over all this Royal Wedding B.S., you can add their love of soccer as being over the top when you get word that Manchester United's star Wayne Rooney had his phone hacked by News of the World so they could listen to his voice messages.

Worth reviewing is Tom Verducci's list of pitchers at risk of reduced performance and injury if they were under 25 and increased their innings load in 2010 over the year prior by 30 or more innings.  Some names to note so far: Phil Hughes, Brett Cecil, Mat Latos, and Madison Bumgarner all hurt or struggling.  Pretty good work, Verducci.

My prediction is that in honour of his mother, Will finishes "in the tunnel" tonight.  Yes, that's my original material.  Use it as you wish today and tonight.

You know Epic Meal Time has hit it big when it is now being spoofed...

More backyard wrestling.  The hits never stop coming.

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ts said...

Like Subban too. Although he should have kept a lower profile as a rookie. I think his antics are more acceptable the more years he gets under his belt.
Glad the Habs all around un-entertaining style got bounced from the playoffs.