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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy freaking sports today!

The second Champions League semi-final goes today with Barcelona at Real Madrid, their third match-up in the last 12 days.  Those two represent the highest paid teams in sports, which you can see at right based on their average annual pay.  What is shocking to me is the presence of the Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets on that list.  Also shocking is that the NBA is the highest paid league in sports, though the small roster size helps that.  Suspect NBA Commissioner David Stern is going to do something about that in the next CBA.  Oh, as for the Champions League bit, I'm thinking a draw today, and have a strange feeling that Real Madrid just might get through to the final.  Hope you were playing along with yesterday's selections in soccer and hockey, which went 4-0.

Yesterday's Champions League semi saw Manchester United absolutely dominate Schalke 04, who played like they were on the road looking to draw.  It was only 2-0, but could have been 6 or 7 if not for some stellar goalkeeping from Manuel Neuer. United had 67% possession of the ball, and have all but assured they're in the final on May 23rd.

I found myself watching last night's fantastic Game 7 in Vancouver rooting for Chicago.  Now, I don't go for this "support the Canadian team" thing at the best of times when it comes to pro sports, mostly because so often the other team has as many or more Canadians on the squad, but I think there's something about that Canuck team I just don't like.  Maybe it is the whining GM Paul Gillis?  At any rate, after their 2-1 overtime win, the Canucks celebrated like they won the Stanley Cup, forgetting (1) it was only the first round and (2) they were the #1 seed facing a #8 and (3) they almost choked away a 3-0 series lead.  And then, a couple Canucks gave me solid reminders of why I don't like that team.  First up, goalie Roberto Luongo who said "this one might be better than the Olympics."  Really?  A first round win tops a gold freaking medal for your country?  The one thing it is fair to say is he contributed as much to both wins, which is to say, not much at all.  If he were a wrestler or boxer, his handle would be "Coattail Rider".  And then Ryan Kessler, dynamite player that he is, said post game "the guys wanted to win this one as much as I did."  That was amid at least a half dozen "I" references.  Douche chill.  The Canucks take on the Nashville Preds, starting tomorrow night. 

Maybe the Toronto Blue Jays ought to shoot some ads that don't have players swinging on turf, or with a wall behind them when doing so?  Who the hell thought that was a good idea?  One thing accurate: no fans in the stadium.  Way to sell the sizzle, whoever came up with this ad campaign.

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman didn't exactly roll out the red carpet when the club signed closer set-up man Rafael Soriano, declaring it wasn't his idea. So far, Cashman's looking wise there. Soriano has already given up 9 earned runs - he gave up 12 all last year - and has played a big roll in three of the Yanks 8 losses. I'm sure the passive Yankee crowds haven't noticed yet.

So much for the idea that the Buffalo Sabres big goaltending edge would carry them in Game 7. The Sabres were pounded 5-2 in Philadelphia last night. The second seeded Flyers and top seeded Washington won't know who they're facing next round until tonight's pair of Game 7's are completed, the first that we'll mention is Pittsburgh hosting Tampa Bay.  Going to break from form here and suggest the roadie wins Game 7

The Montreal Canadiens forced a game 7 tonight after a 2-1 win over Boston, aided by a pretty undisciplined Bruins squad, led by Milan Lucic going bonehead with a nasty hit on Jaroslav "Sissy" Spacek that saw him ejected, though he will play tonight.  They'll turn around and play tonight in a series that had a pair of two day breaks, but now goes back to back.  How any of that makes sense is beyond me.  Anyways, I'm saying Boston wins this one. 

And if all that wasn't enough, the NFL Draft starts tonight, with the added bonus of the ever exciting labor deal speculation.  Yawn.

After last night's loss, the Boston Red Sox are now 5-1 on the year against the Baltimore Orioles.  Wonder if Buck Showalter wants that comment back a few weeks ago where he spoke of how he loves kicking the Beantowners asses?

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan has a new book coming out in which he looks forward to celebrating championships with Jets fans, and takes a run at a few players, including former Jets.  His best run comes at Tom Brady, and this is truly a compliment:  "I really don't know Tom Brady, but who wouldn't hate him? Look at his life. Actually, look at his wife. Every man in America hates Tom Brady, and he should be proud of that."

Toronto FC visits Edmonton FC tonight in Canadian Championship play.  I'm expecting to see a streaking Bukakke on my TV sometime between 7:30 and 9:30 on SportsNet Ontario or West.  The East and Pacific versions are carrying Montreal at Vancouver at the same time.

This may well be the most epic of Epic Meal Time's ever.  Wow.


bukkake said...

NFL Draft starts tomorrow, not today.

I will not be at the soccer match in Edmonton tonight. I have a lego club meeting.

ts said...

Not denying destroying a guy from behind is not a bonehead move. That’s why kids have stop signs on their jerseys.

I found watching the replay in the game that Spacek made the pass and had time to react to Lucic who he saw coming near. I don’t understand why he decided to turn into the boards (away from the direction of the play) and leave himself defenseless?

The replay on Sportsnet and others serves to showing it purely as a dirty hit.

ts said...

I swear Habs are leaving themselves exposed to draw penalties. Boychuk just got a bs call on him for Halpren leaving himself exposed.

Announcers all over it!