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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Chicago Blackhawks aren't going to go out without making some noise at least. The hammered the Vancouver Canucks 7-2 last night, and Vince Vaughn gave Roberto Luongo the business.  The 'nucks are up 3-1.

ProFootballTalk says if you look at the NFL schedule, released last night, and the pile of marquee games slated for Week 1, you have to take it as a sign the league doesn't believe they'll be missing any games that early.  A thought on why you release a schedule with no labour deal: gets the players competitive juices going, and  thinking about the paycheques they'd be pulling around then, don't it?

Tough night for the fans of L.A. sports teams: the Kings blew a 4-0 lead - at home - before losing a 6-5 thriller to the San Jose Sharks, while the L.A. Dodgers allowed 8 runs in the 9th in a 10-1 loss to the Atlanta Braves.

It won't be too often that the New York Yankees pen of RoJoSoMo doesn't get the job done, particularly the "Mo" part of that, but he and it failed last night in a wild ninth in Toronto.  If there's one thing to be impressed with about the Jays early, it is that they're not sitting around waiting to hit homers like they did during Cito Gaston's reign. The Jays won a 6-5 extra inning affair.

The Minnesota Twins have scored the fewest runs in the majors (50), have drawn the fewest walks (40), have the worst slugging (.315) and have hit the fewest homeruns (5).  Other than that, they're doing great.

More information has come out in the case of Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera's drunk driving case.  In addition to pounding scotch from a bottle, he was also driving the wrong way down the road (solid!).

The NHL signed a $2 billion deal with NBC/Versus to continue to carry their games.  Oh, it is for 10 years?  Nevermind, not a big deal, unless you consider they're getting peanuts right now.  Wonder what they might have got if they were smart enough - hell, even the WWE figured this one out - that if you clean up the nonsense in the game, you actually grow it and don't lose your hardcore fanbase?

New York Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni was saying before last nights narrow loss to the Boston Celtics that Carmelo Anthony is "the best finisher in the last 10 years" of the NBA, which prompted this awesome response from Charles Barkley: "Is Kobe Bryant dead or something?"

Backyard wrestling moves never grow old.  Bonus points to these clowns for the authenticity of the ring.

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gary said...

YES!!! love the shot of Vince Vaughn giving it to Luongo!