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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Boston Bruins are 0-26 when trailing 0-2, which they are after dropping another game at home to the Montreal Canadiens.  The Vancouver Canucks have the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks on the ropes with a commanding 3-0 series lead.  Shame the salary cap cost the Hawks so much of their roster from last year, most of them home grown players.  Nashville leads Anaheim 2-1 in a series that has seven games - and probably overtime - written all over it. The Detroit Red Wings lead Phoenix 2-0 in their series, and the rest of the series are all at a game each if I'm not missing something.

The New York Knicks choking away a game they looked to have had well in hand in Boston yesterday comes off as one of those "there goes the series" losses.  Not sure how you recover from that one.  Carmelo Anthony better have some kind of game two before they go back to New York or he might wish he never asked to go there.

The New York Yankees have blown two saves this year, both in starts by CC Sabathia.  If this keeps up, he's going to start thinking it is a ploy to keep his numbers down before he enters free agency at the end of this season.  The Yanks pulled it out in the 9th anyways with Eric Chavez capping a week in which they won series' from two division leaders at the time in Baltimore and Texas.

The Boston Red Sox won their second straight over the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday, leaving only the Houston Astros and Minnesota Twins as teams that have yet to win two straight.  On the other side of the coin, the Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies and Colorado Rockies are the only teams who haven't lost two straight.

The Orlando Magic got 46 points and 19 rebounds from Dwight Howard on Saturday and still lost their series opener by 10, at home.  I'm sure they'll be just fine when he leaves after next year for free agency and the LA Lakers.

The New York Rangers won a 3-2 decision over the Washington Capitals to halve the series lead for the Caps.  That Brandon Dubinsky winner for the Rangers was a real work of art but as Bobby Heenan used to say, sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. Come on DeKev, you know I had to.

ESPN's Michael Wilbon says the cost of investigating Barry Bonds was FIVE TIMES the cost of the 9/11 Commission.  Well done, USA.

Tom Verducci at looks at why some pitchers are so difficult to hit.

Maybe Toronto FC are struggling under new manager Aron Winter because they don't have the right players to work his system?  They sure don't in the wide defenders.

World map of average breast size.  The Russian ladies are bringing the heat!

Foo Fighters blast through their new record, live from their Studio 606. A great way to spend 49 minutes at the office.  This was recorded on the 17th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, hence the "K" taped on Dave Grohl's guitar.

This is from Friday, but New York Rangers coach John Tortorella once again went off on NY Post columnist Larry Brooks.

Dynamite goal in Dutch league play in the last round of games.  Love the celebration too.

Come to find out that in backyard wrestling, when you go into a flaming sheet of plywood, the flames occasionally like to light your clothes and skin on fire.


DeKev said...

Only because you mention Bobby Heenan in the same paragraph, I'll keep my comments to myself.

gbvh said...

Go to Click wrestling. And see the photos from "K&S WrestleFest Super Saturday."

The Brain is looking in terrible shape. Sad.

TB said...

Wow, that's brutal. He's got some kind of cancer if I recall, and may have had the same thing done as Roger Ebert (part of jaw removed).

DeKev said...

Wow. That's sad.