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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Toronto FC opens at BMO Field today against the Portland Timbers, with a high of around freezing expected.  Guess that happens when you have your earliest start in franchise history.  That said, I expect good times with the crew in 114 in particular.  And maybe even a TFC win?  I'll stick to expecting the good times...that's a lock. Kickoff is 2pm on TSN.  Vancouver is in Philadelphia with a 4pm kickoff on TSN.

Not that I think you can visually indict someone based on how they look of having used something, but this is one case one might be prepared to make an exception.  Regardless, Barry Bonds was still probably the most frightening player I saw in the last 20 years or so, and as I often like to say, broke no rules in the game.

Call me crazy, but I think Bret Hart's latest art piece, to be auctioned for charity, tends to suggest he isn't a fan of Hulk Hogan.  See how I segued that from the above bit on Barroid Bonds?

Linesmaker Bodog has set the over/under totals for team wins this season.  Local ball fans will be interested to note the Toronto Blue Jays over/under is set at 76.  I'd have to bet the over, frankly.  Suspect the Jays finish somewhere around 82.  And no, that isn't playing a reverse jinx.

The European soccer calendar is dark this weekend with an international break on the go for Euro 2012 qualifying.  Not a whole lot of interesting match-ups today to be fair, Wales hosting England has the most storylines really.

Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter must still be bitter he was let go by the New York Yankees back in 1995, just as the Yankees started banging out World Series titles, or he's trying a strange path to motivate his squad now by taking bizarre shots at Derek Jeter for diving out of the way of what he calls balls last year, and Boston Red Sox manager Theo Epstein, saying Theo wouldn't get guys like Carl Crawford or Adrian Gonzalez if not for the Sox big budget.  Umm, okay.  Stay in your lane, Showalter.  Guess he forgets the Orioles didn't even sniff a World Series in the late 90's with the highest payroll.

I'd be very afraid right now if I were a Philadelphia PhillyChase Utley has knee issues, and Roy Oswalt got crowned by a comebacker from Manny Ramirez this week, and now Brad Lidge is hurting with shoulder problems.  Beware the Atlanta Braves, Philly.  They're young, and coming on fast.

I can't imagine what kind of attention starved fool goes to a lawyer and says "hey, I'm going to sue the NFL for potentially not having a season because I paid a seat license to see football."  Pathetic.

Duke allegedly had the third most efficient defence in the NCAA this season, but somehow Michigan shot 50% against them, and Arizona shot 54%.


gary said...

WOOOOOO!!!! Javier Martina is the dude!!

gbvh said...

^ Too bad about the pony tail, though.
Eh Bukkaks?

gbvh said...

That drawing is awesome but is missing one thing -- Sticks's sunglasses.