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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rocky said we can all change, but I'm not believing

Quick one today from my frost-bitten fingers after tossing my winter gloves last week when they ripped only to go out and clean my driveway this morning with some paper thin alternatives.  Bad, bad idea.

Suspended Pittsburgh Penguin Matt Cooke says that he needs to and will change, and the proof will not be in his words but his actions.  Funny, haven't we heard the same from Lyndsay Loskank and her kind?  We know how that ended.

Since January 18th, the Colorado Avalanche have won 2 of 25 games. That is a Cavalier-esque run they're on.

8 days til baseball season, so you can expect a whole lot of ball thoughts, stats and facts.  Up today: Babe Ruth, widely regarded as the best player and hitter ever, actually threw as many career shutouts as Pedro Martinez.

Is it a sign that Derek Jeter's role with the New York Yankees is being diminished when the Yankees are openly entertaining two lineups?  One that would see him bat first against lefties, with Brett Gardner taking the top spot against righties.  Whatever the case, the Yankees got it half right, they're a better team with Gardner leading off.

A forecast of -2 and all the snow that fell overnight won't exactly help Toronto FC sell the remaining overpriced tickets, but it will give them a nice excuse to explain it away for a few days, as noted by GBVH. I'm sure the SoccerbyIves MLS Power Rankings won't help either, unless TFC is taking the "only one direction to go" approach.

21,046 - that's the average attendance for the first week of MLS action is higher than the overall average for every previous MLS season.

I've seen some funny goal scoring celebrations before, but never have I seen this one pulled off by Inter Milan's Giampalo Pazzini at the :14 second mark.

Cleveland Brown Scott Fujita's of the wife takes a sledgehammer to the NFL for how they treat players.

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