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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thriller in Munich

If the theory that the best defense is a good offence holds true, Bayern Munich must not have received the memo.  They were up 2-1 at the half on Inter Milan yesterday, and it easily could've been four or five, before they got all conservative with it, letting Inter draw even and then take a last minute goal from Goran Pandev of all people for the 3-2 win, leaving Inter to save the Italian Serie A some embarrassment from having no entries in the final eight.  Awesome, awesome game.  In yesterday's other tilt, Wayne Rooney was fantastic, Chicharito scored a pair, but it wasn't easy work in the end for Manchester United in their 2-1 win over Marseille thanks to Wes Brown going Wes Brown and scoring on his own net with eight to play, giving yours truly a push instead of a win.

Up today, the final eight get rounded out with Chelsea hosting Copenhagan (I've got Chelsea winning easy here) and host Real Madrid finally topping Lyon after a going out to them repeatedly recently.  Both kick off at 3:45.

Interesting that the Toronto FC ads promoting single game ticket sales for this season feature Maicon Santos and not Toronto natives Dwayne DeRosario or Julian DeGuzman, or even Adrian Cann. DeRo's delusions of grandeur are ongoing, with word he's now not talking to the media.  Nice work, captain.  That'll really grow the game.

You may not be down for March Madness, hoops edition, but how about the Playboy version, where 64 lovely ladies are pitted head to head?  I've got Sara Jean Underwood topping Kimberly Holland in the final. Vote here.

True story: "Jeter" is the French word for "discard".  No joke.  Yankees?  You've been warned.

Seattle Sounders of the MLS outdrew 19 of 30 MLB teams last year for average attendance, including the across-the-street Mariners.  The Sounders may have outplayed the LA Galaxy last night, but the Galaxy were 1-0 winners.

Several hundred Montreal Canadiens fans congregated outside the Bell Centre last night before the Habs game against the Washington Capitals to protest the lack of action on head shots by the NHL.  In typical Habs Fan fashion, they followed that up by rioting and smashing up a bunch of police vehicles.  Admittedly, not all that happened.  Caps coach Bruce Boudreau says if fans don't like the game, they should stay home.  Guess he hasn't been paying attention to all the empty seats in most of the league's arenas?

Drew Brees, as good a guy as you can say an athlete appears to be, says each proposal by the NFLPA to improve health care was swiftly declined by the owners.  That isn't overly surprising when you hear Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones practically taunting the players in negotiations, saying the owners clearly don't have their attention yet.

What is crazier, that this goalie went kung fu on an oncoming player, or that he cannot seem to figure out why he was red carded?  The NHL would simply rule this a "hockey play" if it happened there.


bukkake said...

Jerry Jones is such a creepy old douchebag. Where was he going? Late for his 234th plastic surgery appointment?

gary said...

i was cursing Pandev much of that i normally curse Pandev. Now i'm in love, sorta :)

what a cracker!

B. Kennedy said...

Jeter might respond with the fact that "jeter" primarily means "to throw".