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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh yeah, the madness!

The Champions League's final eight are now complete with Real Madrid and Chelsea punching their tickets, joining Manchester United, Tottenham, Barcelona, Shaktar Donetsk, Inter Milan and FC Schalke.  The quarter final draw goes tomorrow morning.  Wouldn't a Barcelona/Real Madrid draw be something?  Man U against Chelsea

NCAA's March Madness starts today so keeping the entry for today brief, because I figure most of you will be too busy filling in brackets. But some stats: #12 seeds have bounced #5 seeds 38.6% of the time since 2000, and are 51.4% in the second round.  A the other end, #15's are 1-43 since 2000, so don't waste your time.  Boring, but I've got a lot of chalk heading to the Final Four - as in, all chalk.  I've got Pitt beating Kansas, and Ohio State punching Duke in the vagina before the Buckeyes do what their football brethren struggles so hard to do - aside from not violating NCAA rules - finishing on top.

The Journal of Sports Economics conducted a complex study of fighting in the NHL to see if fights actually can turn the game, the way some think they can.  Come to find out - not surprisingly - that fighting success has no measurable impact on winning in the NHL.  But it sells loads of DVDs, right Grapes?

Cincinnati Bengal Chad Ochocinco was the target of this diatribe: "I think it's played out. I think most people in Cincinnati feel that way. You have players who seemingly care more about their Twitter accounts and generating publicity about themselves than they do about winning. And again, you have to defend Chad on a certain level because it must be tough to come in here year in and year out, and get ready to play for a team that's not gonna go anywhere. But I also think Chad dropped a lot of balls. There were a lot frustrating moments over the past few years where you're thinking, 'If you spent half as much energy working on running around the cornerback as you did self promoting, it would be a different situation."  Didn't think Nick Lachey, who pimps Cinci at every turn, had that in him. 

Doping allegations for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia in Spain's La Liga?  Oh-oh! rates sports for what is the most physically demanding across four categories - muscular/strength use, speed/quickness, cardiovascular endurance and durability.  The winner might surprise you, but it shouldn't when you really think about it.

Interesting piece in the National Post on how the Tampa Bay Rays learned to compete in the AL East via the boot The Extra 2%, with a side of Toronto Blue Jays applicability.

Via GBVH comes word that the fine folks at Epic Meal Time will be featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.  The downside?  They're not on Letterman, Conan, etc.

Finally today, if you drink green beer, you're a loser.  


gbvh said...

"Green ain't mean compared to red."

KD said...

Surprised car racing didn't make the Top 10. Heard that takes a major toll on your body.

gbvh said...

I think (?) teams from the same country can't get drawn to play each other in Champions League quarters.