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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Suck it, BF

The Sports Pickle has the text messages Brett Favre received from his former GM and understudy in Green Bay.  Awesome. 

TSN is getting into the radio business in April.  I'm going to guess The Jim Rome Show and other ESPN gems like Colin Cowherd are about to get much more prominent in Canada, and that's a good thing.  But please, TSN, no Mike & Mike. 

ProFootballTalk looks at how teams will look to have unofficial workouts, led largely by their QB's, once the lockout is in full swing come March 4th, to get an edge if and when the 2011 season goes off.  For the record, I'm still saying a full 2011 season gets played.  

The Cleveland Cavaliers really aren't opposed to the idea they were a one man show in previous years, or it at least seems that way for a team that has lost 18 straight games.  Good thing the draft is loaded with a franchise player at the top.  Oh, wait...moving on.

Detroit Lions linebacker Zach Follet will not make himself a lot of friends this week by calling Drew Stafford, his team's QB, a "China Doll".

Every NIKE logo, ever.

Steve Simmons tweets: "Does this smack of desperation? The Raptors have their 1st game in years without a hitting a 3-pointer and go out and sign a guy named Trey."  Now, why would the Raptors be desperate now?  They've been trash for years, after all.

It seems New York Yankees main man Hank Steinbrenner looks like The Boss more every day, literally.  Now, he's also starting to act the part and sound it too with this: "We just have to (bleeping) win."  Gonna be a tough go, Hank, especially when you likely insulted Andy Pettitte with a $12 million offer yesterday but dropped $12.5 on a set-up man last week.  Bad play.

Just wondering if all the NFL players that were cracking on Jay Cutler as a "quitter" will be so quick to hammer guys when their union inevitably caves to the owners, just like they always do?

I've seen some scary pics of Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, who seems to always have a bandaid on his head, but none are scarier than the one at right.

After their win Sunday, in the face of President Barrack Obama pulling for his hometown Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packer Charles Woodson led the team in a "'White House' on three!" chant.  A question: is he referring to winning the game to get a trip to meet the President, or the White House frequented by the Dallas Cowboys of the 1990's, the drug and hooker filled palace?

HBO Real Sports says in 1980, there were 3 - THREE - NFL players over 300 pounds. Now there are almost 400!

You're already hurt, or at least, appear to be.  You climb on a stretcher.  Probably the last thing you expect is to get repeatedly tea-bagged by some dude who doesn't know how to work the stretcher.

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