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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Giggs lights a fire

Manchester United dug themselves a hole yesterday at Blackpool, who dominated the first half and took a 2-0 lead before United, aided largely by Ryan Giggs coming off the bench, rallied for two in two minutes with less than 20 to go from Dimitar Berbatov and Javier Hernandez - both having dynamite years - before Berbatov sealed the awesome comeback with a second, and his fifth in two games, to give United a 3-2 win.  United remain undefeated, and a win like that puts the championship into slightly better view.

SI's Jon Heyman says the Toronto Blue Jays paid $5 million to the Anaheim Angels to take the Vernon Wells deal off their hands.  One of the players the Jays acquired for Wells, Mike Napoli, was dealt to Texas yesterday for reliever Frank Francisco.

Chad Ochocinco is planning to ditch the last name and reclaim Johnson.  Anything to stay in the news, huh Chad?

Word is that Albert Pujols starting spot in contract negotiations with the St. Louis Cardinals is ten years and (gulp) $300 million.

No idea what it will cost, but the three courses being served to the Super Bowl's VIP's in Dallas next Sunday are freaking insane, mostly because I'm not sure what half of it is.

Here are the NFL's highest paid players, if you didn't know.  What is funnier, that Carson Palmer is on the list, or Albert Haynesworth?  And how did the $20 million bust Brett Favre not top the list?

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman is saying he views Derek Jeter as a centre fielder before his career and contract run out.  Wouldn't it be funny seeing that ridiculously unnecessary jump throw coming from the track?  And how are those legs, which we often say look like he dips them in cement before going to the field, going to cover that much ground?  Here's the position I think Jeter should be in before his contract is up: his palatial digs in Tampa, though I'm not sure he'll ever make it to the left side of the house.  Check out his current penthouse pad, which can be yours for a mere $20 million in the Trump Tower in Manhatten.

Top 5 EPL goals of the week, including one off the foot of a Canadian!
<a href="" target="_new" title="">PL: Goals of the Week</a>

Not sure how Didier Drogba's bullet on Monday didn't make the list.


gbvh said...

Kudos for not mentioning Wayne's 50th birthday.

Enough already. It's a fucking birthday. And not his 125th.

gary said...

that goal by Meireles was a cracker!! my Reds are making a run!!!! :)

oh...Happy Birthday Wayne!!!