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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quick one today...

Up next for Manny Pacquiao is a date with "Sugar" Shane Mosley on May 7th of next year in Las Vegas.  Not exactly an inspired choice given Mosely has a loss and a draw in his last two fights.   

The Toronto Star's Doug Smith referred to Toronto Raptors point guard Jose Calderon as "the most important player on the roster". Between that and the ridiculous insights into baseball put forth by Dick Griffin, Star sports is lacking. Good thing for Damien Cox, Dave Feshuk and Cathal Kelly.

The 9-20 New Jersey Nets, winners of 3 of 4, find themselves only 2.5 games out of a playoff spot in the NBA lEast.

I have more than my share of fun cracking on the Toronto Blue Jays and their apologists fans, but am a big fan of the blog Drunk Jays Fans, who don't have the blinders on. Here's an example of their fine work in taking apart a recent interview with former Jays President Paul Godfrey and running it through their "Bullshit Translator". Great stuff.

Bill Simmons (aka "The Sports Guy") says Indianapolis Colt Austin Collie is a real live version of Kenny on South Park, and you wait for him to get killed each week. Collie's got three concussions this year now, not that St. Peyton Manning's forced passes into coverage have anything to do with it of course.

UFC is in half a billion homes right now, and in the next two months that will double as they've got deals ready for China and India. They ain't going away. Ever.

Boston Celtic Paul Pierce on the rivalry of the New York Knicks with his team: "When the Knicks and Celtics become a rivalry, I probably won't be in the NBA." Boom goes the dynamite!

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BronxBomber said...

I quit at life after this man.

Rex hasn't denied it either haha he's just dodging it right now.