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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Down goes Favre, again

A picture says a thousand "eff yeah's!", after all, and the picture at right sure does that.  Brett Favre couldn't leave well enough (and beyond done) alone, he wanted to go out (on a stretcher, presumably) one last time on Monday Night to show he still had it.  Bad play, Brett.  On the upside, he did add to his impressive array of stadia he's thrown interceptions in.  And on the heels of that comes this great INaction figure in the second picture, that I must have for Christmas.  I think I'd carry it around with me like a safety blanket, such would be my joy.

The San Diego Chargers have outscored opponents by 128 points, an average of  9.1 per game, but are just 8-6 and in second place in their division.  The Seattle Seahawks have been outscored by 84 but are tied for first in the terrible NFC West.

The Atlanta Falcons have won five straight with four of them on the road, and find themselves sitting as a very quiet #1 seed in the NFC, which is about as open as it has ever been.

Bill Cowher is said to have narrowed his list of desired coaching spots to three teams and they are Houston, New York Giants and Miami.  Of course, standing in the way is the fact that each of these teams actually has a coach.

The Montreal Canadiens are "dirty" and "despicable", according to the Boston Bruins and the legendary Boston cheerleaders…err…media.

Off of sports for a second.  There's a U.S. women who lacks something that we all have: she has absolutely no fear.   No, really, she's missing the "danger detector" that gives us all phobias.  How awesome would that be?

Who was the portly fellow in yesterday's edition?  None other than former NHLer Keith Tkachuk, who only retired this past summer.   Here's KT just last year.  Scroll down to yesterday's edition to see the "after" shot.  Apparently teeth are high in caloric content.

Trent Dilfer went back and catalogued the the Monday Night Football game between the New York Jets and New England Patriots a few weeks back and found that in the first 30 offensive plays for the Patriots, if you take away the three goal line, Patriots came out in 27 different formations.  Might explains some of the difficulty teams have had in adjusting to their attack.  That, and Tom Brady might be the best QB ever. 

Heads-up to Felix Hernandez: The Zack Greinke trade means the previous 4 AL Cy Young's were all traded within 15 months of winning the award.  Greinke's departure from KC leaves a social anxiety inducing fear among their fans: the current starters on the Royals roster went 24-36, with a 5.25 ERA in the big leagues last year.  Ouch.  Greinke had no interest in playing for the Toronto Blue Jays regardless of what Dick Griffin at the Toronto Star was selling.

Check out this Oklahoma City Thunder fan hitting a mid-court shot for $20,000...for the second straight week.  Yep, same guy, twice.

Electrifying times at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, albeit in a high school football game.

Count on the great Jay Glazer to find this clip from Sunday's NFL action, which makes the New York Jets trip by Sal Alosi look minor.  But since it isn't a New York team, it flies under the radar.

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gbvh said...

I believe it was Steve Simmons who once referred to him as Keith Tkachunk.