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Monday, June 28, 2010

Way to go, FIFA.

Oh, FIFA, silly you for not taking any number of opportunities in the past to learn from your mistakes and figure that in this day and age, using video replay isn't only a smart thing to do, it is the right thing to do.  Two goals yesterday were scored - one in each Round of 16 game - that altered momentum and left the games looking like something less than legitimate.  Even if they only did the chip in the ball thing that would send a signal when the ball crossed the line - technology that already exists - they'd be at least half extricated from the mess they found themselves in yesterday.  FIFA's response to yesterday's debacle is to stop showing video replies in stadium. Very evolved.  As I said last week, shoddy officiating is the story of the tournament right now.  The one I'm surprised people aren't discussing is the poor shape of the field's they're playing on.  The field this morning came apart far too easily.  Somebody will get hurt.  Oh, Germany beat England 4-1 and Argentina beat Mexico 3-1 to set up a juicy matchup Saturday.  Cheer up, England fan, as you still have this.

In a round of 16 game this morning, Holland downed Slovakia on the strength of a beauty goal from Arjen Robben and another from Wesley SneijderSlovakia scored a last second PK to make the blow a bit softer.  Holland will face the winner of Brazil and Chile, who kick off at 2:30pm (Eastern).

German publication Der Spiegel has broken a story that implicates a high ranking UEFA - Europe's governing body for soccer - in match fixing.  French language link here.

Entourage came back to the airwaves last night, and in celebration, here are some hot ass Entourage ladies.

One NBA source has called a LeBron James and Chris Bosh union in Chicago a "done deal". had LeBron as +125 and Chris Bosh as +300 to sign with the Bulls.  Now, both are -300.  But wait, that's not all...Stephen A.Hole Smith says that he's heard from multiple sources that both will be joining Dwayne Wade in Miami.  How scary would that team be with that three headed monster?

Some aeronautical engineers confirmed what most with eyes could see.  The Jabulani ball being used at the World Cup performs inconsistently.

Since May 23rd, the Tampa Bay Rays are 12-19 and have dropped into third in the AL East.  And what's better than two teammates getting nose to nose because one BJ Upton isn't playing hard and Evan Longorria has to tell him about it?

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