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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adeus, Portugal!

The Quarter Final matchups are all set for the World Cup, and in Holland/Brazil and Germany/Argentina, you've got two that are finals worthy.  Shame two of those teams are going to go out.  The other match-ups will see Spain, who dominated Portugal yesterday everywhere but the scoreline, face Paraguay, and Uruguay face Ghana. The downside to all this?  No games today and tomorrow.  The upside?  Let's us all celebrate Portugal's demise free of distraction.

How is this for the first half of July: the final stages of the World Cup, Wimbledon finale, a huge UFC Heavyweight fight, and NBA and NHL free agency begins?

Sepp Blatter is now opening the door ever so slightly for FIFA, and one expert of replay technology looks at three ways FIFA could improve the game. 

A little less entertaining than the last 10 days or so, but still good fun in your Culturally Insensitive World Cup Goal Roundup for June 29th. Nice usage of a take on Sinatra's "My Way", and a little New Pornographers.

Okay Cliff Lee, three complete games in a row and the latest at Yankee Stadium is advertising enough that you are raising your hand for free agency.  Looking forward to seeing you in pinstripes, and if not for the fact my fantasy franchise got back CC Sabathia for you last year, I might regret dealing you.

A couple parents in Toronto are suing the hockey club's their sons play for after they were cut from said clubs.  If I'm a lawyer, I'm contacting the boys and offering a cut rate deal to sue the parents for ruining their kids lives.

A little depressing news today: Steve Carrell will be leaving The Office after the coming season.  Can't imagine them continuing without him, myself.

Wow, soccer truly hit the bigtime in the U.S. over the World Cup as a Texas man has been charged with murder after killing his 2-year old who wouldn't stop crying during the U.S.-Ghana game.  As the old saying goes, it's not life or death, it is far more important than that.

Manchester United legend and former Irish interntational Roy Keane took apart England  in this awesome verbal beatdown.  I fear Roy Keane.  You should, too.

A cheerleading expert posits that cheerleading is not in fact a sport.  In related news, experts in golf, poker and ice dancing are ducking for cover.

Worth your time today is a glance at these 30 hilarious police blotters.

Finally today, the Globe and Mail says that the German goalie is a cheat for not signaling that the goal on Sunday against England was in fact good.  As if that would ever happen.  I get the myopic intent of the message here about sportsmanship and all, but I'll blame the German goalie for not signaling a goal right after all sports are cleaned up of all fouls and referees are made unnecessary.


B. Kennedy said...

I felt that Spain should have beaten Portugal a lot easier than what they did. They could have just yelled, "Cement truck's here!" whenever they wanted and the entire Portugal team would have cleared right out.

Kristian A said...

Not to forget, Tour de France!

hi said...

Nigeria suspends its national team: