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Monday, June 7, 2010

Thanks for nothing,

Apologies for the delay, Blogger was down for most of the day.

Can you recall a Stanley Cup Final where there were two more inept goalies than this one?  Don't get me wrong, it is making for far more exciting stuff seeing some goals scored than when you're watching a dull game where five guys collapse before Hal…err…the goalie, but these guys don't look like champions.  The Chicago Black Hawks moved to within a game of winning the Cup thanks to a 7-4 win.  Not a good night for Chris Pronger.  He was -4 and in the box for another goal in the first five.

The Boston Celtics evened their NBA Final at a game apiece, beating the LA Lakers wire to wire last night in L.A.  Celtic Paul Pierce was caught on video saying the series will not be coming back to L.A.  See video at the bottom of today's entry.

We talked last week of Alex Rodriguez ridiculous numbers when a team walks Mark Teixera intentionally to get to him, so what did Toronto Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston do yesterday with one out?  He walked Tex.  Now, A-Rod didn't come through this time, but nor did he ground into a double play like Cito was hoping he might, so then that left the Jays to face Robinson Cano, who is hitting as well as anybody in the world this season, and doubled home a pair.  We'll leave it to's Jon Heyman to assess the move by Gaston via Twitter:  "Cito's call to int. walk Texeira w/ 1 out and pitch to ARod, Cano is single dumbest move I've seen this season. #getaclue".  Careful Heyman, lest Cito and the Jays see you suspended from your job for asking legit questions in much the same way that Fan590's Mike Wilner was for questioning Cito earlier in the week.   The Jays took two of three from the Yankees, though the last two could have gone either way.

Word is Philadelphia Phillie Ryan Howard is dating Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks. Nice work, RH.

Tweets the great site Mental Floss: Poet Heinrich Heine left his wife his fortune with one catch: she had to remarry. “Then there will be at least one man to regret my death.”

Gonna go out on a limb and suggest that the new Toronto Blue Jays ads, at left, featuring bird characters in suits are very much lifted from Them Crooked Vultures, at right.  Best move the Jays have made in decades!  To take it a step further, even the SportsNet broadcasts go to commercial playing TCV.

Gotta love Alberta allowing bars to serve booze at 8am for the World Cup.

The MLB draft starts tonight and ends sometime in the next year or so.  Only slight exaggeration there.  Ought to be an interesting few days for the Toronto Blue Jays, with four picks in the first 41.

Quick hits: Toronto FC played a scoreless draw with Kansas City that was as dull a game as you'll ever see.  Expected more from TFC ahead of a three week break for the World Cup…speaking of the World Cup, seems a lot of big name stars are going down ahead of the big tourney: Arjen Robben of Holland is the latest to join the list of the out or questionable with a bad hamstring.  Holland has looked damn impressive in the run up to the tourney…strange as it may seem, but Ken Griffey Jr. didn't hit over 100 RBI in his last decade in the Majors...

Paul Pierce talks smack...


TB said...

Check out this Jays ripoff...

gbvh said...

Booze in Alberta at 8 a.m. for World Cup?

Bukkaks must be pumped. If he's not in S.A. for it, that is . . .