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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Boston Celtics opened a house of fire against the LA Lakers last night, with a rocking Gahhhhden, but it wasn't to last, as the Lakers took game three with a 91-84 decision.  Wonder if Paul Pierce still thinks it isn't going back to L.A.?  Funny stuff in the stands, as there were 5,000 Khloe Kardashian masks - aka Mrs. Lamar Odom - handed out pre-game, and the fans were working a "Ug-lee sis-ter" chant as he obviously did get the less attractive Kardashian option.

Stephen Strasburg made his Washington Natinals debut last night, and it was a strong one with a win, 14 K's and no walks over seven innings.'s Buster Olney points out that a good major league pitcher will get about 11 missed swings of every 100. Strasburg had a stunning 18 missed swings among 94 pitches.  Now, before we get too crazy here, let's remember that he pitched against the Pittsburgh Pirates, a team not even good enough to be called bad.  Let's see what he does a month in when teams have a bit of a book on him and he's facing a team that's at least a threat.  Strasburg's next start is Sunday against the equally woeful Cleveland Indians.  Enjoy Strasburg while you can, word is his agent Scott Boras is being militant he's only to work 95 innings in the bigs this year, which leaves him with 88 left.

How much is estimated to be gambled on the World Cup?  A mere $1.5 billion, says Chad Millman at (Insider required). 

The Sporting News is predicting that the New York Jets will win the Super Bowl this year in Dallas, over Dallas.

Crazy World Cup stat: 11 of the last 13 World Cup's have had one or both of Brazil and Germany in the final.

I'm not going to explain to you why this is funny, but if you don't know, know that it is.  Portugal's Nani hurt himself and is said to be out of the World Cup thanks to a busted collarbone suffered while trying an overhead kick.

The Vancouver Whitecaps new logo is out in time for their MLS launch next year.  It is very much simple, which I tend to favor, but also a bit of a nod to those Canucks unis of yesteryear, no?  Some snow and water colours, and mountains, fittingly, but the rip job from Volkswagen seems a bit odd.

The rumor mill has Sacramento as Hedo Turkoglu's preferred destination if the Toronto Raptors can (miraculously) swing a deal to move his five-year, $53 million deal.  Sounds like it would be at least Andres Nocioni coming to the 416.

Manny Pacquiao has agreed to the 14-day blood test ahead of a proposed fight with Floyd Mayweather.  It'll be interesting to see what Floyd comes up with now, or whether he finally drops the issue, and figures making $40 million is worth doing if you might lose your perfect record.

David Geffen - entertainment mogul - wants to buy the LA Clippers and bring LeBron James in to make the franchise.  Not only that, he's said his ownership would in fact deliver LeBron.  Personally, I'd love to see it happen, but can't see 'bron going to a second class franchise in a city that Kobe Bryant owns already.

I'm figuring if I attempted to squat 1000+ pounds, whatever blew out of me wouldn't be spewing out of my mouth, but not this guy...


Joe said...

I'd like to see how Strasburg does against a slightly more competitive team as well; if he pitches that well against a division leader I'll more impressed. Not sure if you saw his post-game interview with Tim Kurkjian, but the amount of sports clich├ęs he spewed out was funny.

TB said...

Well, he is a Scott Boras client, so the dull, cliche ridden interview is in the blood I guess.

Anonymous said...

So if memory serves, the last World Cup final was Italy/France...assuming i'm correct that same stat of Germany and Brazil in the finals would have been 11 of 12...simple math I know but even more impressive of a statistic last time out.

And kudos on the squat comments

hi said...

That video reminded me of the time when I witnessed a really hot milf-like lady puking five feet front of me at a gym. More awful than it sounds because I found her extremely attractive at that moment and was staring at her. For the longest time, all I thought of elderly women were the pukes she threw up.