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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"I'm gonna burn this playhouse DOWN!"

The Toronto Blue Jays had the Tampa Bay Rays on the ropes last night, but Jays closer Kevin Gregg brought his gas can out to the mound and tried to burn the Rogers Centre down - which would've left a sea of burnt plastic seats and very few casualties, if it were to happen literally - and the Rays worked four runs across the plate in the 9th on all of one hit in the inning.  Five walks will tend to help that cause on occasion.  Speaking of five, five games is all that separates first through fourth in the AL East.

Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals goes tonight in Philadelphia with the Flyers badly needing a win to get back in the series.  The Flyers have only lost three of their last 10 so it is far too early to count them out.

Nine times since they became New York Yankees teammates, an opposing team has chosen to walk Mark Teixera to get to Alex Rodriguez. All A-Rod has done is go 5 of 6 with three grand slams, two walks, a sac fly and 19 RBIs.  Might not want to walk Teixera ever to get to A-Rod.

Ought to be a festive night at BMO Field in a nothing game as Toronto FC host Vancouver in the final game of the Canadian Championships.  That's a small "f" in final intentionally, TFC has already wrapped up the title and will lift the Voyageur Cup for the second straight year.

The quality blog SportsbyBrooks figures the only chance that soccer has to be as big in the U.S. as the NFL is if the English Premier League drops a team or several in the U.S.  Cannot see it happening, either the EPL going that route or it getting NFL big.  That would be huge, however.

Washington Redskin Albert Haynesworth is being sued for $10 million by a stripper he impregnated, and then decided he should no longer talk to her after finding out she was pregnant, leaving her to fend for her self.  Maybe AH figured that blue collar ballerinas have a great benefits package?

For those that aren't hip to the World Cup nations, this blog does a pretty solid take on which North American team each nation most resembles.  It'll take you some scrolling to get through it after the history of the Cup bit, but well worth it.

So I hear the NBA Finals start tomorrow.  Good of them to get around to that.

A bad, bad own goal...from a country I won't mention.

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gbvh said...

Looked to me (and to pitch) like the ump felt guilty for not giving the TB batter "time" so he called nearly everything a ball for the next few batters.
There were several pitches there that should have/could have been strikes. The all went the other way minutes after umpie got torn a new asshole by the rays manager.