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Monday, May 31, 2010

A little late today, blame a pretty crazy time at the office.

Barely a week after winning the Champions League, Jose Mourinho is off, as was rumored last week, to Real Madrid Check out this article, in which JM sets a new world record for usage of the word "I".  The guy has a hell of a resume, but I suspect the moment Sir Alex Ferguson bails from Manchester United, he'll be in hot pursuit of that job to continue his whoredom to the biggest clubs in the game.

You can almost set your watch to it.  Adidas unveils the new ball for a given World Cup, declaring it the most technologically advanced version yet.  Shortly thereafter, players complain that it is difficult to control, behaves strangely, and Adidas responds denying the feedback and mentioning they had extensive player feedback in the development process.  The tourney starts, the comments die off, life goes on.

Bob McCown of Fan 590 called Toronto Blue Jay Aaron Hill the worst hitter in the American League. Ouch.

One AL executive on the subject of pending free agent Cliff Lee: “I have no doubt that the Yankees will sign Cliff Lee.”  Here's hoping said executive is with Seattle right now, or New York.

Spanish midfielder Xavi thinks that England will be very much in the running for the World Cup.  Maybe he doesn't know their goaltending is at best average?

Quick weekend wrap to wrap: the NBA Final is set, and will see Boston and the L.A. Lakers play for the ugly trophy...Toronto FC were 3-1 winners at San Jose, and sit second place in the Eastern Conference...the Chicago Black Hawks opened the Stanley Cup Finals with a wild 6-5 win over Philadelphia.  That's almost as many goals as were scored in last year's entire final series.  Only mild sarcasm there...Rashad Evans beat "Rampage" Jackson by decision in UFC 114's main event...Rock of Ages in Toronto is one hell of a great night of entertainment.  Guaranteed hit for anybody who grew up in the 80's or was a fan of that era's rock.

Have a great day.

1 comment:

hi said...

Bob McCown is a jerk, but somehow awesome at the same time.

Jabulani is ridiculous. A baby's kick can get it to jet off.

I am anxious to see what will come first between Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid : Mourinho gets bored of Real Madrid or Real Madrid employ their tradition of firing managers.