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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Water finds its level

Boston has to be gripping with the Celtics losing again last night to bring the Orlando Magic within a game of levelling the Eastern Conference Championship.  Heard Boston media member Dan Shaughnessy on The Jim Rome Show call Rasheed Wallace a "green" player for his regular season "energy conservation".  Love that.  The Toronto Raptors are a very enviro friendly team, in that respect, at least defensively.

Toronto FC didn't even need to play last night to win the Canadian Championship - their second straight - after their competition - Vancouver Whitecaps and Montreal Impact - drew 1-1 rendering them out and leaving TFC with a meaningless home game next week against Vancouver.

Strange bit of World Cup trivia: no northern hemisphere team has ever won the World Cup when held in the southern hemisphere.  Same applies to the south when held in the north.  So does that mean Spain has no chance?  Methinks not, especially with Cesc Fabregas and Fernando Torres getting healthy.

Tiger Woods is building a new house on 12 acres in Florida, and it includes four separate pools.  Yeah, losing some endorsements is really hurting his cashflow.

If your eyes don't tell you that Derek Jeter's range to his left is slipping, then how about some numbers to do it?

Jose Mourinho appears to be heading to Real Madrid.  Something about that seems real fitting.

Nobody will ever accuse David Ortiz of being the most mobile guy in the world, but a thirty second trot around the bags after a home run is downright glacial.  Video included.

The Toronto Blue Jays are now fourth in the AL East.  Somewhere, Shea Hillenbrand is getting his marker out for a dry erase board. 

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