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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Philadelphia Flyers took care of the Montreal Canadiens with a 4-2 score, and 4-1 on the series last night, to set up a very interesting Stanley Cup Final matchup where they'll face the Chicago Black Hawks.  Unfortunately, the series won't start until Friday.  How does it make sense that previous rounds would start a day or two after a previous round but now they're holding off four days?  And to start on a Friday?  The worst TV night there is?  Only Gary Bettman's NHL.

Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis says that the NHL is in better financial shape than the NBA because of the salary cap that prevents owners "from taking stupid pills".  He does know his team is signing guys to 10 year deals, right?  And that the NBA limits both terms and dollars?  That said, the NBA does allow teams to exceed the cap maximum.

The Kansas City Chiefs are dropping a cone of silence on themselves in the wake of Dwayne Bowe's "importing" story last week.  I'm sure he'll be a real popular guy around camp this year, what with every guy on the team and surely more than a few coaches subjected to their involvement.

And you thought the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox stage long games: a NCAA Division II baseball game went 12 innings and over 9 hours to complete.

Not sure what good Canada playing Argentina in a soccer friendly accomplishes for either team, but yesterday's 5-0 beatdown didn't accomplish much.  Frankly, the Canadian Soccer Association would do well to ensure games like that are not broadcast.  Frankly, it could have been double digits, and Lionel Messi wasn't even in the mix.

As athletes go, Barry Zito isn't the most normal one.  He doesn't generally speak in cliche's, has opinions worth hearing, but when you hear this voicemail he left, you start thinking he's on the wrong side of crazy.


Kristian A said...

The Argentina forward line is amazing this year. Milito, Tevez, Messi and Higuain got a compined goal tally of 106 goals this year, and that's only from the league games, no cups or CL goals! Unheard of!

I was about to say about games that doesn't matter. Portugal played Cape Verde as well, but that game ended 0-0! Ronaldo, Nani and Deco all played. Does that makes Cape Verde a better soccer nation than Canada?

BronxBomber said...

What a beatdown that was. Took both Argentina and Brazil on futures a while back. Getting bored, World Cup can't come soon enough.

Also, TFC makes the play-offs and Mo signs another 3-5 year deal. It's inevitable.

TB said...

That's a disaster of a result for Portugal, who I think are in tough to advance with Brazil sure to be in, and Ivory Coast destined to be a tough test.

BB, I got down on Argentina at -2 -2.5 (split line) and never once thought there was a chance that wasn't coming through. Also had England to cover -1 for a decent day of friendlies.

BronxBomber said...

I was in lovely NYC watching the Yanks get twatted so no gambling for me yesterday though I'm glad I didn't hit the books hard this weekend. No DeRo means I would have pounded the Revs. glad I didn't.

Anyone catch James Sharman interview the author of the Fix. Loved the interview mostly talk about Asian Handicappers.

Joe Martz said...

The NHL playoffs are far too long. First round should be best of five.