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Saturday, April 3, 2010

EPL pivotal game

An earlier than normal edition of RM today, largely because there's no way I could do this later with a giant game kicking off at 7:45 today when Chelsea visit Manchester United in a game that could well determine the English Premier League champion, especially with third place side Arsenal now minus Cesc Fabregas for six weeks and Andrei Arshavin out for three weeks as well. It is going to be tough for the defending champions - United - minus Wayne Rooney, but they are at home. Loads of pressure on Dimitar Berbatov to provide something in attack with Rooney out, and I suspect he rises to the occasion. My head says "tie" here, but have a feeling that the more mentally tough United beat a mentally fragile Chelsea here 2-1.

The NCAA Final Four goes tonight from Indianapolis. I'm liking Butler and West Virginia myself, though the West Virginia selection is no doubt coloured by my hatred of Duke.

Speaking of Manchester United, they're said to be ready to drop £40million to land Bayern Munich/French midfielder Franck Ribiery. Not sure that will get the irate fan base off of the Glazer ownership group, but it wouldn't hurt.

The Hedo Turkoglu Party Machine. 'nuff said.

I don't know why a guy with Tourette's sucker punching his wife is funny, I just know that it is. Check the vid at that link.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman figures that the value of the NHL's next American TV contract will more than double over the current $75 million. Even if it does, that's hardly anything to be bragging about.

As if two free cards on TV and a pay-per-view weren't enough action for the UFC the last two weeks, they've got another pay-per-view lined up for week today, this one in Abu Dhabi. It has also been announced that UFC 115 will go in Vancouver on June 12th.

What happens when you take a video of a bulldog banging a stuffed animal, and mix it with a soundboard of NCAA commentator Gus Johnson? In a word: magic.


BronxBomber said...

Blah. We turned it up too late. The Drogba off side and the Kiko hand cancel each other out. I still don't think the league has been decided yet. Onto Wednesday.

B. Kennedy said...

I'd expect Hedo to show a lot less energy than that when he parties, if his on-court performance is any indication.

I think there's a reason he hangs out in Yorkville bistros.

B. Kennedy said...

Duck Fuke.