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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not sure if you've heard, but...

The book ends of Manchester United's visit to Munich yesterday proved polar opposites. Wayne Rooney opened the scoring a minute in, and went out in the last minute with what looks to be a serious ankle injury just as Bayern scored to win the first leg of their Champions League quarter 2-1. Gonna be tough to see United win anything minus Rooney this year, who has been incredible, but I'll be shocked if they don't advance given all they need is a 1-0 home win. The other match saw Lyon beat visiting Bordeaux 3-1.

Not sure if you've heard but NCAA Final Four team Butler is 10km from Husky Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Confirming what the Globe and Mail and RM wrote a week back, the MLS Cup will indeed go in Toronto this November 21st with an 8:30 kick off. Ought to be frigid, but it'll be a rare opportunity for a trophy to be lifted in Toronto, so celebrate, T-Dot! Also being discussed is a friendly at Roger Centre where Manchester United would likely face Glasgow Celtic July 17th.

Was Diego Maradona recreating that scene from Hannibal where he convinced a drugged up victim to let his dogs chew on his face? Could definitely see the drug angle given Maradona's history, and especially now that his dog used his face as a chew toy. Thanks to GBVH for that linkage.

Up today in Champions League play, Barcelona visit Arsenal and Inter Milan visit CSKA Moscow. The first ought to be a thriller with two teams that think attack first and only.

Not sure if you've heard but Tiger Woods is playing the Master's next weekend.

Good of the National Post to step up in an editorial in favor of Ontario legalizing mixed martial arts.

In a sign of budgetary consciousness, the New York Yankees rolled out ambidextrous pitcher Pat Venditte yesterday who changed hands depending on the batter. Wonder if this guy develops if he is a complete game lock?

Not sure if you've heard, but Kelly Kelly is smokin' hot.

The Toronto Maple Leafs will be changing their uniforms for next season, doing away with the practice jersey look. No word on if they'll correct a long standing grammatical error. They'll be revealed this summer.


BronxBomber said...

What a piss poor performance by the Red Devils yesterday. Absolute stunning how terrible we played. Especially the back 4 standing there watching Olic put the ball in the back of the net.

Rooney out 2-4 with a high ankle sprain. Not good at all.

TB said...

I didn't get to see it - was in the comfort of a dentists chair for the most part (how is THAT for shit planning?).

Saw 1-0 in the first minute and figured they would roll. Then saw 1-1 late and thought (no biggie, a draw on the road and even 0-0 gets it done at OT). Then saw the late score and about shit. Done by a Cro no less. Adios wager!

They should still take care of them at home, but not nearly as confident minus Rooney.

BronxBomber said...

We scored. Then we played on our backs for 87 minutes. Giving them the ball time and time again and having VDS stand on his head. The first goal was unfortunate, Gary Neville decides to touch the ball with his hand right outside the box. FK, deflects off Rooney and in the net.

Second one was the stunner. Evra and Vidic I believe just stand there each of them debating what they should have for lunch while the ball is in the middle. Olic grabs the ball and gets past VDS with ease. There were 2 minutes of injury time and this happened at like 91:40. All they had to do was launch the ball 50 yards up.

Time for Berba to step up.

TB said...

I've said for about three years now that you cannot be serious about winning if Gary Neville is on the field. He's SO past it.