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Friday, January 8, 2010

Roll Tide!

When Texas QB Colt McCoy went out before most found their seats in the National Championship game, you'd have thought it would be an Arkansas blowout, and while it ended up that 37-21 in the end thanks to a few late turnovers, it was a lot closer than you'd have initially thought. How funny was it seeing Texas QB Gilbert picked off by Arkansas' Arenas?

Senator Chuck Schumer from New York went to Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson looking for assurances that the Bills would remain in Western New York and got what he was after. Of course, Schumer would've preferred a healthy donation to his campaign funding but in the abscence thereof, appeals to the common man by talking to the uncommonly rich old man will do.

Atlanta Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli is allegedly gay. And the world continues to spin on its axis.

More details of how the Gilbert Arenas gun incident went down are emerging and as stupid as he and Javaris Crittenton both are, it seems that Agent Zero is taking the hit for the latter. While Arenas left four guns out for Arenas with a letter for him to pick one, it was Crittenton that responded to Arenas' action by busting out his own firearm, loading the gun and chambering a round. Smart.

Check out this list of the Top 20 Most Despicable Coaches. Really, the word "despicable" doesn't get enough play, don't you think? Some surprises on here, but really hard to argue with the top two, who I'm sure you've heard of. Hint: they're not professional coaches.

The anonymous "Player X" continues his behind the scenes articles for ESPN The Magazine with a look at 10 playoff lessons heading into the NFL playoffs. Interesting stuff for sure.

If the talk is true, we could see the MLB World Series Champion play the JapaneseWorld Champion. champion to determine the true Doesn't this strike you as a bad idea if you're MLB? There's no doubt that they should win, but do you really think teams would take that much pride in it and treat it as more than an exhibition?

NFL cheerleaders aren't wearing nearly as little as they did earlier in the season when it was a lot warmer, or here when these 25 top cheerleaders were photographed.

Tony LaRussa is musing about adding Mark McGwire to the St. Louis Cardinals roster late in the 2010 season if they're in contention. Clearly, LaRussa is about to fail a field sobriety test again.

Back in the morning. Have a great Friday.


BronxBomber said...

Colt McCoy...Colt Brennan was the Hawaii QB now with the Redskins lol.

Great game last night suprisingly and I know a tonne of people who lost money. Thankfully, I'm not one of those people.

TB said...

The perils of blogging while in the middle of a conversation with your boss. HA!

You knew people hammering Texas? Shocking. That was a rare occasion where I figured the general public was on one side and was going to cover easy.

bukkake said...

How is Graham James not on the coaches list?

That cheerleader list makes me hornier than Eric Tillman at a Twilight: New Moon movie premiere.

TB said...

Bukakke is BACK!

BronxBomber said...

Cam Stewart hammered it hard at +4. Morency took the teaser at +10.5 I think. A tonne of people I know pounded the under. It got scary when it was a 3point game but Ingram did his thing and all was well with the world again.

B. Kennedy said...

Arenas really went gunning for Gilbert on that play.