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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Canada does it the hard way

A few weeks back, we referenced the SI players poll that had A-Rod rated as the most overrated player at 18%. SI ran the same poll on Facebook and fans gave a whopping 45% of the vote to Derek Jeter.

SI ran a half-page preview of the WNBA season. Seems wasted space, no?  I did a double take to make sure it wasn't a Kentucky Derby preview.

How did the Vancouver Canucks take home so many trophies at the NHL Awards last night with all their "injuries"?  Word is Danielle Sedin was dressed in Stella McCartney.

Only Dick Griffin at the Toronto Star could take the subject of Jose Bautista leading the AL in votes with five Yankee and two Red Sox, plus Josh Hamilton, and get it all twisted into some endorsement that he's truly more popular than the rest. Guess he has never heard of the term "vote splitting"?  Let me know when he's the highest selling jersey, Dickhead.

If this doesn't get Yankees GM Brian Cashman an extension, nothing will: journeymen Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon have combined to deliver 157.1 innings pithed, with a combined ERA of about 3.20. Amazing.

Softball legend Jennie Finch is a proud mom to a boy named Diesel.  No, for real.

Four minutes from the end of Canada's Under 17 World Cup game against England, with the good guys down 2-1, Canada equalized for a 2-2 draw with the most unlikely of feats.  Awesome.  And is there a country in the world that produces goalies that make bigger mistakes than England?  Impressively futile.

Steve Nash - love that guy - has some serious game in this Chinese ad.

As Hitler references and news bloopers go, this one is one of my favs.


Jables said...

I am honestly crying at work. HAHHAH

That fucking video is GOLD. haha.

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