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Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend wrap...

Weird, but true: Montreal hosted the Olympics in 1976 and won the Stanley Cup in 1977. Calgary hosted the Olympics in 1988 and won the Stanley Cup in 1989. And after hosting the world last year, Vancouver looks to do the deed this year.  As much as they've struggled at times this year, I would not want to be facing the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks in the first round, however.

Add St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke to the list of American owners investing into the point of majority ownership of an English Premier League team.  Kroenke is poised to be the majority owner of Arsenal.  He joins Tampa Bay Bucs ownership in  Manchester United, Cleveland Browns in Aston Villa and the Boston Red Sox who own Liverpool among U.S. owners in the EPL.

After watching a bit of the Toronto Blue Jays 14-inning loss on Saturday in Anaheim, I'm thinking Travis Snyder should have music for when he goes out to left. Here's my suggestion.

At what point does penciling in Derek Jeter to hit first or second become a fireable offense for Yankees Manager Joe Girardi?  Jeter is looking terrible.  He was only the flattest of a flat Yankee squad last night in a 4-0 loss in Boston.  Starting pitcher CC Sabathia has given up one run in 12.2 innings pitched over his last two starts, and the Yanks lost both.  That's not going to work for a team that almost needs to win 70% plus of the games he starts with the question marks starting behind him, only made worse by Phil Hughes lost velocity.

Strange NHL playoff stat: the state of California has more playoff teams than Canada.

I'm no expert on concussions, but doesn't it seem odd that if a Toronto Maple Leaf suffers a concussion, they send him home to Toronto in a limo rather than flying him, while the Toronto Blue Jays fly guys around?  The Jays flew Yunel Escobar to the coast on the weekend, as they did with Aaron Hill previously.

Only in Canada would an election debate be moved so as not to conflict with the Montreal Canadiens start to the playoffs on Thursday.  Here's a thought for Habs haters out there: suggest to your Hab friends the debate be pushed back a week as the Habs won't be in conflict anymore at that point.  And then duck.  Second thought: ask them how they like their Habs.  When they ask if you do, suggest you like them Chara Broiled.  Pulled that one out yesterday and even my Hab loving friends loved it.

An English police chief said that if it had happened in his jurisdiction, he'd have had Manchester United's Wayne Rooney arrested for swearing a couple weeks back.  At least he's not being ridiculous.  Man U boss Sir Alex Ferguson tore the chief a new one in this amazing bitch slapping.

Going to guess that Tiger Woods wasn't all that impressed with the questions from Bill Macatee at CBS.  The way the response went on Twitter after this, you'd have thought people expected pre-2009 Tiger to feed people pablum. 

More backyard wrestling fails.  Am I the only one that loves these?


Joe said...

You're not the only one looking up backyard wrestling on YouTube. I am shocked at how dumb these people are.

gary said...

I missed the whole Wayne Rooney swearing thing. Swearing? I heard some fuss about his behavior...but swearing?

TB said...

He was being given the business two weekends ago at West Ham and after scoring the third of three goals in 15 minutes or so, looked at a camera and said "fuck off" or something to that effect while they were celebrating. Some made it out as a response to his critics in general over the last year (a "I'm back" type thing), others at West Ham specifically for the abuse that day.

Whatever the case, he got two games for swearing, which is laughable, and even more laughable, there was talk of zero tolerance coming in for language.

bukkake said...

I just smell Vancouver being dumped in the first two rounds. Something there just doesn't click for me. I would bet alot they stumble.