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Thursday, April 7, 2011

0-5 in Beantown? The heart bleeds.

Three of the four Champions League ties are already decided more or less after Barcelona - as predicted - thumped Shaktar Donetsk 5-1 yesterday.  The other game was a tense one with Wayne Rooney netting the lone goal in a 1-0 Manchester United win over Chelsea in London, giving United an edge heading home to Old Trafford where they're a very tough team to beat.  But 1-0 is hardly insurmountable, so this will be one to watch on Tuesday.

What's better than the Boston Red Sox opening 0-4?  Why, the Red Sox opening 0-5 of course.  Maybe they aren't who most experts thought they were?  Not saying it is going to happen, but can you imagine the angst in Beantown if they get swept this weekend by the visiting New York Yankees?  In wild-card era, 25 teams (before this year) started 0-4. Only one won 90+ games ('99 Arizona Diamondbacks).  Don't have an 0-5 stat at the moment.

The Denver Nuggets are 15-4 since dealing Carmelo Anthony.  Anybody saw that one coming?

Toronto Blue Jay Ricky Romero is currently dating Rima Fakih, at right, the reigning Miss USA.  She's noteworthy for being in the running for a future as a WWE perfomer on their reality series "Tough Enough".  Pretty sure when she won her crown, that wasn't included in the answer she gave for her hopes for the future.  The part about dating a Blue Jay, that is.

A tip of the hat to frequent reader JM for passing this awesome link on: Brian Wilson's virtual beard.  As cool as it sounds.

Are the Toronto Raptors actually better without Andrea Bargnani in the lineup?  A sample size small enough that only a Toronto Blue Jay fan would value it, but a sample nonetheless.

Looks like more than a few New York Giants fans aren't sticking around waiting for the lockout to end.  Check out the number of listings available of people selling their Personal Seat Licenses, some as high as $160,000.

The Masters starts today.  Expect a deluge of Tiger Woods coverage.  And no, even if he flames out this weekend, he's not done.

A mere six games into the 2011 season, the Pittsburgh Pirates now have 24% of their entire 2010 road win total.

Might Chelsea striker Didier Drogba be MLS bound this summer?  One thing for sure: he would freaking DOMINATE.

The 25 dirtiest hits in sports.  Zdeno Chara's hit on Max Pacioretty did not make the list.  Maybe that inspires Chara for the playoffs with a date with Montreal in the offing?

My boy Bukakke will be thrilled to know he can tweet at a guy in Seattle while at a Mariners game and have beer delivered to his seat.

The next great NBA Hall of Fame debate might be Vince Carter, but not if the good people of Toronto get a vote.

Maybe the nastiest hockey thing I've seen, and that is saying something.

More backyard wrestling moves gone wrong, with added points here for the bounce off of the lawn...

1 comment:

B. Kennedy said...

No surprise here that the Raptors are better off without Bargnani, and I'm not really stunned that Denver isn't looking bad without Carmelo Anthony. While he did rebound, mostly all he did was score (and not all that efficiently) and not defend very much.