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Monday, November 22, 2010

Colorado tops the MLS mountain

The MLS Cup was played in Toronto last night with a slightly less than capacity crowd.  Wasn't nearly as frigid as it was expected to be and seemed to get warmer as the night went on.  Maybe it was just good preparations in the clothing department?  Colorado were 2-1 winners in extra time, and held off a flurry by FC Dallas in the dying minutes to claim their first MLS Cup.  Former Toronto FCer Marvell Wynne got lots of love for Colorado, and showed his appreciation for it to the fans. 

Nice show, Argos.  48-17 victims in Montreal with the Als now moving to the Grey Cup in Edmonton to face Saskatchewan.
Is it entirely lame hearing an NHL coach - and it isn't much better when a player does it - refers to a player by their nickname?  In one Toronto Sun sidebar yesterday, Carolina Hurricanes coach Paul Maurice referred to "Whitey" (Ian White, no doubt a popular nickname in the Carolinas) and "Harry" (Jay Harrison, since nobody would know or much care).  And is there anything more lame than hockey's "add a 'y' and you've got a nickname" thing?  Lots of mental horsepower at work there.

Is Toronto Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo getting paid by the move?  At what point do his bosses at MLSE say enough is enough, and that being competent or more is as important as being active?  Colangelo dealt Jarrett Jack, Marcus Banks and David Andersen to the New Orleans Hornets for the corpse known as Peja Stojakovic and Jerryd Bayless.  At least Raptors fans can look forward to a top draft pick with the defensively incapable Jose Calderon getting the bulk of the point guard minutes going forward.  Expect ugly, regardless of yesterday's surprising win over Boston.

The Green Bay Packers are on fire, outscoring opponents 85-10 the last three weeks.  They also might be the last straw in two coaches jobs.  Wade Phillips was booted from Dallas after their debacle in Green Bay three weeks back, and Brad Childress may be put out of his misery after his Minnesota Vikings showed a lot more fight on the sidelines than they did on the field yesterday.  If the Vikes are smart, they'll send Brett Favre to the curb with him.

Is it too early to start making Super Bowl matchup predictions?  I'm thinking Philadelphia will face New England or Pittsburgh.

The New York Yankees are said to be opening the Cliff Lee bidding with a five year, $120 million offer.   In other Yankees news, Derek Jeter's agent says he doesn't understand what kind of game the Yankees are playing with his client.  Tellingly, he only refers to past achievement in discussing Jeter.  Funny, but isn't part of a contract supposed to be about what you might do in the future?

I hate the spread at -8.5, but playing the San Diego Chargers to cover tonight for the Prime Time Pick regardless.  Figure they're about due to get things rolling down the stretch as they often do.

The latest FIFA Goal of the Year nominee comes from Arjen Robben, this one for Bayern Munich in the top German league.  Amazing.

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B. Kennedy said...

I've been more critical of Colangelo than anyone for a series of random moves that do nothing more than shake things up with nothing much to show for it, but I don't mind that trade. Colangelo tried - and tried really hard - to move Calderon. But Jose is just too useless and paid too much for anybody else to want. Jarrett Jack also wasn't exactly wowing anybody so far, but then he is a notoriously poor at starting the season and he will inevitably pick it back up.

It would not astonish me for a freaking second if Jose was Bayless' backup by the All-Star break, and if that's what ends up happening, then the Raptors just became younger, more athletic, they've opened a roster spot and are saving themselves over $2 million next year. Not a bad move, and don't forget: Bayless was lottery pick just three years ago.