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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Start sweepin' the brooms...

The New York Yankees completed the sweep of the Minnesota Twins with a 6-1 beatdown.  Phil Hughes was fantastic, and Curtis Granderson continues to be a difference maker for the Bronx Bombers.  Incredibly, the Yankees saw 78 pitches before they swung and missed for a strike.  More incredible?  A Twins team that has been real strong over the years is 18-57 under manager Ron Gardenhire, playoffs included, against the Yankees.  The Yanks will now sit until Friday when the ALCS starts.

The Tampa Bay Rays did what we predicted here yesterday, getting off the carpet with a 6-3 win at Texas, although it was 1-1 in the 8th so they took their time doing it.  The Rangers now lead 2-1, and am guessing the Yankees will be hoping they go to a 5th game to push Cliff Lee and David Price, who would pitch a game 5 Tuesday, out of the opening game of the ALCS Friday and minimize the number of starts both could make.

Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant finds it funny that his dinner bill of $55,000 for the Cowboys a few weeks back has sparked such consternation.  For all those saying it is in poor taste in this economic time, I suppose none of the food or beverage purchased or the services delivered helped anybody out.  Relax people.  Word is some players were going home with unopened $900 bottles of wine.  A stat: with 53 guys on the team, they spent over $1000 a head.

Most appropriate thing I've heard about Randy Moss last days in New England: he reminded Bostonians of Manny Ramirez days with the Red Sox.  Performing when he wanted, sulking and slacking when he didn't.

Yet another take at the worst 15 uniforms in sports history.  How the Toronto Raptors original unis didn't make the grade is beyond me.

Niko Kranjcar scored a pair for Croatia in a big 2-1 Euro 2012 qualifying win at always-tough-at-home IsraelFrance also downed Romania 2-0 in the other qualifier of the day.

Sitting at 6-3 on the Prime Time Picks, a superb-if-you-know-anything-about-sports-gambling 66.7% rate, I have to say that maybe that success is going to my head for how much I love the Philadelphia Eagles (+3 +112) tonight at San Francisco.  Honestly, I was convinced I read the line wrong.  What have the 49ers done to be favored against anybody?  I may be wrong in the end, but think the Eagles are very likely to win the game outright, so will gladly take the three points.

The Kansas City Chiefs are at Indianapolis today and the Miami Dolphins of 1972 had best get the champagne ready as the last undefeated team - yes, it is actually the Chiefs - is likely to see that improbable run come to an end, especially against a desperate Colts squad, who are far more a force at home than they are on the road.

Finally today, not sure what to make of Anaheim Duck Joffrey Lupul taking up for Brett Favre via Twitter with this: "Wait, Favre is in trouble w/ the league for sending 'racy' txt msgs... You can get in trouble for that? I certainly hope not..."  Something tells me Lupul's sent some objectionable content in the past himself.

Have a great Sunday, back tomorrow for more.

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