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Friday, September 17, 2010

Derek Cheater?

Had a couple discussions yesterday on the "Derek Cheater" bit from a couple nights ago where he sold that he got hit by a pitch when it clearly hit his bat, so I'll summarize here.  (1) if you think that Jeter is above doing what it takes to win, you're kidding yourself.  He's got as much ego as the next guy, or he would have moved to third when Alex Rodriguez came to the Yankees a few years back because A-Rod was a far better shortstop than Jeter.  (2) To pretend he's some pure and great guy that would never do such a thing is to ignore that when he hurt himself in Toronto years back colliding with Ken Huckaby, he treated Huckaby like he did something wrong when he was just playing the game the right way - something some act like only Jeter does - he wouldn't even answer Huckaby's calls to apologize, vilifying him for no reason.  A saint he is not.  (3) If A-Rod did this, he'd be absolutely annihilated by the media, but with Jeter, it is merely a discussion (3) Baseball isn't golf and guys don't call penalties on themselves or correct umpires for errant calls, so there's no big deal here.  In short, pretending he's somehow above the pack when it comes to morality is to ignore reality, and logic.  He's a competitive guy, and good for him for that, especially when he needs to get on base any way he can of late.  Oh, and Jeter admits he wasn't hit.  Am sure the umpire is thrilled.

It might be the most ridiculous stat I've heard all year in baseball: Canadian boy, and Cincinnati Red, Joey Votto has yet to pop out to the infield this season.  MVP?  In a league with Albert Pujols, just maybe.

Darrelle Revis kept Randy Moss to 58-yards over two games last year and called Moss a "slouch" in the aftermath, marking the first time in memory that word was used as smack talk. They'll be facing each other this weekend in Jersey. How much would a Jets loss ratchet up the pressure on Rex Ryan and the Jets?  Is there a neutral fan that isn't hoping the Patriots pound them?  And who would think that just a few years out of SpyGate, the Pats look like the class operation of the two?

Now that Entourage Season 7 has wrapped, Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban has more time to talk sports and he wasted no time in calling out LeBron James for how he "humiliated" Cleveland and Ohio in jumping to Miami. Oh, and there was a study conducted that says LeBron James isn't as popular as he used to be. Well, knock me over with a feather. 

Former Toronto FC coach - and the "former" sounds so good - Preki says that he has no regrets over his time in Toronto, while speaking of the comments made against his regime by Dwayne DeRosario and Julian De Guzman as merely that of "a couple Canadian guys".   All class, that Pricki.  Here's a bit of trivia on his replacement Nick Dasovic, who is nothing if not a breath of fresh air after that stale rain cloud departed: when he studied for his UEFA B coaching license, in his class was one Jose Mourinho.

The San Diego Chargers and Jacksonville Jaguars game is going to be blacked out this weekend in the San Diego area.  7,000 tickets left over tends to do that.

Floyd Mayweather must really want no part of Manny Pacquiao, what with his ridiculous act of late that now sees him facing 8 charges, including 4 felonies, that could see him do 34 years if he were convicted on all charges and got the maximum sentence.

Derek Jeter's act...check out the look at the umpire.  Pretty sure the source of this video is an extra on Jersey Shore.

I've seen some bad fumbles in my time, but check this one out in last weekend's Toronto Argos game when Ronald Flemons drops the ball while touched by exactly nobody.


Joe said...

The Jeter story is funny. They did a Top 10 on Sportscentre this week on the top 10 fakers. It was hilarious. I like how Joe Maddon was even giving him credit for it.

TB said...

Buster Olney had a great bit this morning and said there are 20+ things in every game that would qualify as "cheating" (catchers framing pitches to dress them as strikes, etc.).

I love Joe Maddon, he's got to be the least cliche ridden manager in the bigs and separates his selfish desires and answers honestly, like he did there. Follow him on Twitter too, he doesn't do a lot, but what he does is usually pretty good.

TB said...

Joel Sherman on Jeter...

3. Just a brief word about the Derek Jeter acting as if he got hit by a pitch the other night: Do you know how many times over the past 15 seasons Jeter has phantom tagged second base on a double-play pivot or went to slap a tag on a base stealer and the runner was called out though Jeter either missed the tag or knew he was late with the tag? I bet it is a whole bunch.

It is not Jeter’s responsibility to rule on the game. It is the responsibility of the umps to get it right. If you read this space, you know I have been an advocate of instant replay for quite a long time. The other night instant replay would have gotten the call correct and the game going again in a much shorter period than actually occurred with Rays manager Joe Maddon arguing vehemently.

Every night in the majors there are dozens of pitches that are called balls that are strikes and strikes that are called balls. Should the batter or catcher tell the ump to reverse the calls? Again, it is not their responsibility.

With that being said, this incident was so public and Jeter’s act so overt that I would not be surprised if an umpire or three took exception and Jeter did not get the benefit of the doubt on close pitches or close calls for a while. Umps do not like to be embarrassed, even by someone who they have held in such high esteem for all of these years.

Joe said...

Olney's points were bang-on.

gbvh said...

Love Cuban!