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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday Night Snoozer

Through 620 games of Monday Night Football, there were only 9 scoreless halves, and last night was one of them as the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns went scoreless in the first half. Bet you're glad you saw that, no? In the end, the Ravens roared out of the gate in the second half and won a 16-0 snoozer. In other Monday Night news, Jon Gruden has inked an extension that will keep him in the broadcast booth. A bit surprising, really. Would've figured he'd be in line for a high profile gig next year.

The MLB award season is upon us. Yesterday, Florida Marlin Chris Coghlan and Oakland A Andrew Bailey were named Rookies of the Year. Today, the AL Cy Young gets announced. The rest of the awards will be announced as follows: Wednesday: AL & NL Manager of the Year; Thursday: NL Cy Young; Monday Nov. 23: AL MVP; Tuesday Nov. 24: NL MVP.

With the L.A. Galaxy set to take on Real Salt Lake in the MLS Cup final on Sunday from Q-West Field in Seattle, there is a big run on tickets. Seems David Beckham is paying off now. Some tickets at StubHub are even going for $1,000.

Wonder why NBA scoring seems to be up this year? Might have something to do with the new rims they're using.

Ahh, that Cristiano Ronaldo. With the ink barely dry on his contract with Real Madrid, the team he said he dreamed of playing for, he's already contemplating the possibility of playing for Manchester City, the team that until the last year or so, he probably wasn't even aware of until they got some big money ownership. In the end, it is all about Ronaldo.

Check out the 15 Best Man Caves. Good stuff. Inspirational, really.

The good folks at Page 2 of did a little modification with some NBA logos. Fantastic results here. Love the Milwaukee Bucks logo especially.

UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar has a bacterial infection, confirmed by UFC President Dana White. Still seems pretty cryptic.

Not sure if Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will ever ink a deal to fight - each wants 60% of the purse - but word is that if they do, it could well happen next May at Yankee Stadium.

Buffalo Bill Aaron Schobel is questioning the direction of the team, they don't have a quarterback, and Mount T.O. is about to erupt. Things are getting uglier by the day in Buffalo. So, anybody buying tickets for December 3rd in Toronto?

Check out the 10 Dirtiest Plays in Sports.

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams figured out a way to turn two digits into $250,000. Shame the digits were his middle ones and the $250k was the fine the league dropped on him. What a tool.

I get why the Chicago Black Hawks would be looking to lock up Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews to long term deals, which they're close to doing, before they can see an offer sheet thrown their way, I just don't see how they can afford that many big ticket players. Somebody has to go, no?

One of the greatest pwnages/fail of all the times...


Centaur said...

#2 = AL MVP

TB said...

Jeter as MVP? That's a freaking laugh. He's not even worthy of MVP on the Yankees.

He'd rank behind Teixera, Rivera and for what they did since he returned, and what he did to get Tex turned, he ranks below A-Rod even.