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Monday, June 27, 2011

One last thing before I quit...

Morning all,
I started this little foray into blogging way back in February of 1997 as part of the Toronto Raptors "Raptorschat" board (now RaptorsSpace).  I had no expectations other than intending to do more than 99% of bloggers out there, which is code for "make it last beyond three entries" and that was definitely mission accomplished.  After 488,000 hits there, moved to this forum a couple year's back and went almost daily for good stretches.  

A few of the things I've learned:
  • if you want to get people to comment, just be honest about what you think of the state of the NHL
  • I seemingly never tire of hammering the Toronto Blue Jays
  • if you want people to comment, just post a countdown of hot ladies and sit back and watch the magic
  • Bukakke likes to party
  • the notion that golf isn't a sport, but a game, doesn't upset people nearly as much as I've seen in previous discussions over the years where some would act like I was insulting their wife's looks.  Maybe people get that it's not all that different to poker, darts and bowling?
  • I'm pretty freaking good at betting picking prime time NFL games
And finally, I think I've learned it is time to shut 'er down.  Increasingly, have found it tough to get the time to write something that is worthy of your time and mine, though that certainly isn't for a lack of content...there's always a tonne of interesting going's on in the world of sports and beyond.  I think other things and interest in other avenues - Twitter most notably - have taken my interest in those directions.  Will I miss it?  Probably not.  I'm not shy about sharing my opinion on all matters sports with my pals over beers as it is, but maybe I will and end up quietly returning, perhaps when the NFL returns on schedule in September (it will happen).  Who knows?  Never would have thought I went almost 4.5 years on this, that is for sure.  Maybe you'll see me at The Bleacher Report, where I've been an approved contributor for months but done nothing with?

Later all, it has been fun, like anything worth doing should be.


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gbvh said...

-- single tear --

Paul said...

What?! I just got here!

bukkake said...

Thanks for the fun, TBek.

In honor of the last blog I masturbated to an old photo of you while listening to Nickelback.

I had three fingers and a Star Wars figurine (Greedo of course) in my ass while I did this

It made me happy.

I like to party.

norway said...

Sad to see RM might come to and end. It was a staple of the day for a long time. But good luck on what the future might bring (bleacher report, twitter etc)

Blake Kennedy said...

I want to thank you for the time you took to write. You were true to yourself and never, ever dull. Look back at this project with pride.

TB said...

Thanks gents, I really, really appreciate that.

Porco said...

I, too, shed one lone tear. Job well done

gbvh said...

This is the saddest week in blogdom ever.

First RM retires. Just as I start to slowly come to terms with it, I get kicked while I'm down . . .

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It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.

gary said...

faaaack!!! recession in the blog world.

not enough time to write?!? that's an excuse, and we don't make them ;)

tear drop.

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